Wednesday, May 28, 2008


80-20 will soon endorse a presidential candidate who shares Asian Am. concerns. However, Republican nominee Sen. John McCain has not yet replied to 80-20's questionnaire in spite of great efforts by 80-20 to reach out to him.

80-20 worked with 3 great Republicans asking Sen. McCain to respond positively. They are US Sen. Daniel Evans of Washington (retired), Cong. Mike Castle of Delaware, and C. C. Yin of CA who raised $60K for McCain when he polled only 4th among the GOP presidential candidates. 80-20's questionnaire asks all presidential candidates to give Asian Ams iron-clad commitments to help us achieve equal opportunity in workplaces and in judicial appointments.

Although Sen. McCain is disappointing when compared with Sens. Obama & Clinton, 80-20 sees a continued effort to induce him to reply as a win-win situation for now. His positive reply would guarantee that the next president, whether a D or a R, will enforce Exec. Order 11246 for Asian Am. in workplaces -- a win for us. McCain's positive reply will give him a fair chance to win Asian Am. votes -- a win for him.

Fax a strong message to Sen. McCain using (703) 413-0740 or (703) 752-2515 ! Copy me in via Use your own words. Please include the following central message.

Dear Sen. McCain:

Please reply to 80-20's questionnaire with all yeses, as did Senators Obama and Clinton. Equal opportunity and justice for Asian Ams are key issues for me. Without your positive reply, I'll definitely vote for the Democratic nominee who has made iron-clad commitment to our community. However, with an equally strong reply from you, I'll consider your candidacy carefully and ask my friends and relatives to give you another look.

Name & Party Affiliation: (Specify a R or D or Indep.)
Title: (Optional. If used, specify "for Identification only").

Please do it NOW. You know how effective such efforts have been with Senators Clinton & Obama. Please do your share and enjoy the pride of having done it! The more the faxes go in, the more Sen. McCain will know how united we are.

To join 80-20, go

Best regards,

S. B. Woo Authorized by Pres. Kathleen To to head this project.

Special Reminders:

[1] 80-20 will hold an Endorsement Convention soon. Check out its key features -- fair, democratic and working for YOU!

1) Delegates MUST be composed of 1/3 R, 1/3 D and 1/3 Independents.
2) All delegates are 80-20 members and elected by 80-20 members.
3) The endorsement criteria are specified in Bylaws:
a) the quality of the commitment from a presidential candidate, &
b) the deeds done by the candidate's party for our community in the past 4 years.
4) Candidates and/or their surrogates are invited to address the delegates.
5) All 80-20 members may apply to run for delegates.

To verify the above, see Article 7 of our Bylaws. Please fax Sen. McCain now.

[2] America's political world has learned, 80-20's endorsement is extremely effective. 80-20 delivered 3 to 1 for Clinton in Calif. on Super Tuesday, 2/5/08. Doubters can view a recent 2 minute CNN video on 80-20: