Saturday, May 31, 2008

Faxes From Asian Ams To Sen. McCain

Faxes poured into Sen. McCain's headquarters. Asian Ams of all ethnicities, from afar and near, participated enthusiastically. All included the central message: "Without your positive reply, I/we will definitely vote for the Democratic nominee."

Beyond the central message, however, sentiments for Sen. McCain vary significantly. See below. The McCain campaign will see that it has MUCH TO LOSE by not replying to 80-20's questionnaire with all yeses.

Most who sent a fax were Independents (46%). Others were D (22%) and R(18%). Yet others didn't identify their party affiliations (14%).

I add a note to some quotes. Notes are shown in red. Apologies to all for not quoting your particular fax, owing to space limitation.

Feedback to Senator McCain

1) Equal opportunity and justice for Asian Americans are key issues for me and my family. Judy Li, Ph.D. (Independent), full address provided (FAP)

2) I have to share the reasons to my Republican Korean American friends and relatives why they have to vote against you. Kim H. Song, Ed.D

3) S.B.: My wife, my daughter, and I will all send a fax to McCain. Wayne
(A reminder to all 80-20 supporters: Do that if you want!)

4) We have noticed your many good and strong leadership characters.
Liang Lin and Daming Zhu

5) Dear Mr. Woo: I tried to fax it to both of his fax no. but they are not available, either busy or not in service. Bik-Kee Vuong (Mr. Vuong: The fax numbers are good. They were busy often. That has happened frequently when 80-20 has targeted a political office. :-)

6) You spoke at my college graduation in 2001 and inspired me with the integrity of your character. Jing-Li Yu

7) With an equally strong reply from you, my friends, relatives and I will certainly be able to support your candidacy. Deyi Woo Tcherdakoff, member, American Associaton of Wife of Europeans, Paris, France

8) Mr. Woo: I just did fax my letter to Senator McCain. 80-20 Initiative organization can empower the common voice of all individuals of Asian Americans. Vinh Hoang

9) We are Asian American Independent Voters residing in the great state of Hawaii. Ying-Ming and Wanny Cheng, (FAP)

10) I served in Vietnam years ago as part of an allied force. In fact I have talked with many friends of mine that I feel America owes you a presidency. Chuck Kim, Businessman

11) Please tip the balance of support by answering to 80-20's questionnaire! Ying Hsu & family, Democrats, (FAP)

12) 80-20 Initiative is a national, nonpartisan, Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equal opportunity and justice for all Asian Ams. through a SWING bloc vote. Shirley Chow, MBA & Sheldon Chow, Ph.D.

13) I am a long time Republican. Chien-Kuang Chen, Ph.D. (FAP)

14) Equal opportunity and justice for Asian Americans, mixed with a new and insightful Republican leadership that you provide, shall ensure both a winning formula and a winning ticket for America. Kong-pei Chen (a Republican Supporter)

15) Mr. Woo: I sent the fax to Sen. McCain. Yuko

16) American statesmen have always used a presidential campaign to right the wrongs for America and Americans, while winning themselves votes. I beseech you to share that vision. S. B. Woo, (FAP)

17) I am an independent but I will vote GOP if you are not biased against Asian Americans.. Dr. Hsia S. L. Choong, (FAP)

Fax Sen. McCain via 703 413-0740 now. Do your share! THANK YOU.

Member, Executive Comm., 80-20 PAC