Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wow. A Victorious Bloc Vote in California!

History was made. Last night, in California the political cohesiveness of our community was proven.

Here is what exit polls taken by CNN*, NY Times* and Google* found:
Senator Clinton lost to Obama among whites by a small margin and lost 1 to 4 among black voters. So how could she gain "the decisive California win?" It is because

"Hispanics voted 2 to 1 or 66/33 for her last night, although polls a week ago showed an even stronger 4 to 1 support. However, Asian Americans under the leadership of 80-20 and its affiliates organized and delivered a bloc vote of 3 to 1 or 75/25 to her."

Last night's vote signals the arrival of a new era in Asian American Politics. Let the word go forth that we've learned how to reward political leaders who share our rightful concerns, and punish those who don't.

80-20 wishes to thank in particular our college students and young professionals. While that age group had predominantly supported Sen. Obama for his theme of change and his oratorical skills nationwide, Asian Am. youth responded unselfishly to 80-20's call for unity and voted for Sen. Clinton in California. They showed exceptional willingness to sacrifice self for the good of the entire community. We salute them.

We need to get ready for the next battles. We need to induce the Republican Nominee to reply to our questionnaire with all yeses. We need a great war chest to deliver a national Asian Am. bloc vote to the next president of USA**.

Join 80-20, the best and largest national Asian Am. political organization. Using a credit card, visit (easy to use) or (Paypal)
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*CNN exit poll: NY Times:
Google exit poll:

** See article 7 of 80-20's bylaws for a set of written rules regarding endorsement in the General Election.