Friday, February 01, 2008

Reaction To "Good News From Obama"

Congratulatory messages flooded in. See below. We thank you.

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Reader's Reaction

1) Thanks for the political science education. Gary Tang

2) Congratulations on the great news! Yuko

3) Great news!... This is a great achievement and a symbol of the power of the Asian Americans united!... Let's get the Republican side now.
Daming Zhu and Liang Lin

4) Thanks for everything you have done for raising the voice of Asian Americans…. With Admiration and Respect, Shitao Huo

5) EXCELLENT! Cwadudley

6) Great job done. You should be crowned the Saint for Asian American. Now I have to work to undoing my works in pursuing people voting for Clinton.

[Answer: I don't know where you live. Please note that we still endorse Sen. Clinton in CA. Please re-read Parag. 2 of our newsletter: "80-20 considers the commitment from Senator Obama to Asian American issues to be at least as strong as the commitment from Senator Clinton, Senator Edwards, and Governor Richardson. Henceforth, with the exception of California, 80-20 is neutral in the primary contests between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama." ]

7) Very short Message from some of our Life Members:
a) What can I do to help? Henry Lee
b) Great achievement, finally! Carter Tseng
c) It is great! I will send you another check of $1,000 in the next few days. Anonymous

8)I am beginning to see the value and strength of your email campaign and will do my best to encourage other Asian Americans to add their names (and emails) to your list. Armand P. Chau

[Answer: Forgive me for sounding like a broken record: In America, we must do politics the American way.]

9) By George! You did it! You did it! And you did it! I didn't think you could do it! You did it! And you did it! Congratulations! Good show!

10) Salute, brother: do you want us to donate money to 80-20 or to candidate you endorse? shaw zhou

[Answer: Before Sen. Obama replied with all yeses, 80-20 had bundled checks for Sen. Clinton and spent $30,000 buying ads for her in newspapers and radio stations. Now, we need to get ready for the BIG general election battle. Send your money to 80-20! :-) ]

11) Winning supporters one by one. Here are two examples.

A) The Obama party's altering of the questions to their comfort and context seems like a skirting of the true issue. Colin Takara

[Answer: Top priority" plus "whenever" and without the time limit of "your first term." Isn't that combination at least as stronger as "seek to nominate... during your first term?" Besides, We still endorse Sen. Clinton in the Dem. primary in CA. SB]

Colin Takara emailed again: Yes, I will concede that point.

B) "Exception of California" meaning 80-20 still supports Clinton in CA or what? Ken Zhou

[Answer: Yes, we still urge Asian Americans to support Sen. Clinton in CA. We already endorsed Sen. Clinton. If we take an endorsement back, who will believe in 80-20's endorsement in the future? SB]

Ken emailed again: You are absolutely right. Thanks for the explanation. I didn't think it through. Congratulations for the great job you have done for all Asian Americans. Ken

[I Answered again: Aren't you nice, Ken. S.B.]

12) Messages from die-hard supporters of Clinton and Obama:
a) the YESES are too late. Gary Zhang
b) You could still do a dual California endorsement now…. Subodh

[Answer to both: Please give the interests of our community a bit more weight, and your own preference of candidates a bit less. We need to keep our eyes on the ball -- winning equal opportunity for the 13 million Asian Americans through the 2008 presidential election. Is that a deal? :-) ]

14) i appreciate the work of 80-20 greatly and this is certainly the best political effort any asian am has put together, for which i throw whole heartedly my support to and my ultimate respect for the pioneers…..
David Liu

80-20 sincerely thanks David Liu and at least 30 others who wrote very sincerely and moving "thank you emails" which we don't have the space to publicize. Our apologies and THANK YOU. THANK YOU.