Monday, February 04, 2008

Advice On Who To Vote For Tomorrow

Summary of our recommendations

For Democrats and Independents: In California, do a bloc vote for Sen. Clinton; push for as big a turnout of AsAm voters as possible! In all other states, vote your personal choice.

For Republicans: Not a single Republican 
presidential candidate has replied to 80-20's questionnaire thus far. We have no recommendation.

Why should you take 80-20's recommendations seriously?

80-20 fights for you & produces results. Let's review the facts:

11/29, 80-20 began to pressure Sen. Clinton with a "Call to Action."
12/11, Sen. Clinton replied with all yeses, while suggesting rightful modifications.
12/12, Sen. Edwards signed with all yeses.
12/31, Governor Richardson signed with all yeses.
12/28, 80-20 began to pressure Sen. Obama with a "Call To Action -- Defeat Obama."
1/18, 80-20 held a press conference in SF endorsing Sen. Clinton for the Calif. Democratic primary.
1/31, Sen. Obama replied with all yeses, while suggesting modifications to strengthen his commitment to the Asian Am. community.

The above are facts that you personally witnessed!

What Does 80-20 aim to achieve?

80-20 aims to make YOU THE WINNER tomorrow, whether Clinton or Obama wins; McCain or Romney wins. If you vote according to what 80-20 has advised, exit polls will show that
Asian Americans cast a bloc vote in California for Clinton stronger than that of the Hispanics, while showing no strong preference elsewhere among Democrats or Republicans. Headlines will blare:

"SIT UP AND NOTICE. Asian Ams. showed amazing political cohesiveness on Super Tuesday. Both political parties MUST take their rightful concerns seriously from now on!"

THEREFORE, spread the word. Forward this to your friends & relatives! Help send this message to ALL Asian American voters.