Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sen. Clinton Replied to 80-20's questionnaire with all Yeses!


Surprised at this quick turn-around to enlist a leading presidential candidate to support our community's right to equal opportunity? Surprised or not, let's remember what led to this success so that we may continue to enjoy such successes.

Remember the reasons of YOUR success, see the "4-A's of politics," shown below.

American way of politics: Apply the power of the ballot box. Organize to speak out. Organize to bloc vote.

Afraid not: Do the right things. Send emails/faxes with our names, addresses and titles stated. Have the courage of our conviction. Look at it this way: Are 80-20's Board members in trouble with America's Political establishment? No. Quite to the contrary, they will be the new Asian Am. leaders with proven integrity, value system, courage and political know-how. They will likely be sought out by America's leaders.

Asian style politics abandoned: Don't raise money for politicians like ignorant slobs. Tens of millions of dollars donated to politicians in past decades have yielded our community nothing except bad publicity.

Accountability: Demand accountability from fundraisers and politicians, be they Asian Americans or non-Asian Americans.

A new era in Asian American politics has arrived. Join us!

Now onto Sen. Hillary Clinton's response to our community.

Sen. Hillary made two great points to 80-20. (1) The President cannot nominate a federal judge unless a vacancy occurs. 80-20's Q4 & Q5 needs to incorporate this important point. (2) She is so strongly for equal opportunity that she likes to strengthen the wording of those two questions once the vacancy requirement is covered. 80-20 adopted and deeply appreciated her suggestions, and her integrity and courage. We are inspired by her style of leadership. For the improved questionnaire and Sen. Clinton's signed reply go to http://www.80-20initiative.net/news/preselect2008_clinton.asp

Sen. Clinton answered each of the 6 questions with one single word: YES. This represents an iron-clad commitment that if she becomes our President, she will use her Presidential power to give Asian Americans equal opportunity in workplaces and be appointed Federal judges.

Please help spread the "4-A's of politics" to every corner of our community. That is what will win EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for us.

(1) Let's not forget that Senators Biden, Dodd, and Gravel have answered 80-20's questionnaire with "all yeses" earlier.

(2) We want to thank those Co-Chairs of "APIA for Hillary" who urged Sen. Clinton to reply with all yeses. Note: Some Co-Chairs ignored our plea. The names of our heroes and heroines are shown below in alphabetical order:

Judy Chu, Mike Eng, Otto Lee, John Liu, Gary Locke, Fiona Ma, Henry Manayan, Doris Matsui, and Ellen Young.

Gordon Quan, former Houston City Councilman and a Co-Chair for Hillary, deserves a special thanks. He did an excellent job as a liaison between 80-20 and the Clinton campaign,

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Our job is not done.

Tomorrow we'll ask you to help again. You'll need to email/fax Sens. Barack Obama and John Edwards, and after that the top tier Republican presidential candidates. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Together, we have turned a new page in the history of Asian American politics.