Monday, December 03, 2007

Faxes from Asian Am to Sen. Clinton

Check with the Clinton campaign to ask if it has received these faxes and many many more!

These faxes came from all walks of life. See some excerpts below. Some included not only names, addresses, and fax numbers but also their titles (for identification purposes only). Almost all included the clause "Otherwise I'll ask all friends/relatives to vote against you." 80- 20 salutes ALL who have faxed.

1) I became a member of Clinton Foundation in 2005 and will continue to contribute to the Foundation. Please answer…. Otherwise
George Chou, Los Altos, CA

2) …Otherwise
Shen, Mo and family of 3 adult children

3) Both my wife and I never forget the pleasant dinner party in Washington DC 1993 when President Clinton good naturedly chuckled upon my remark of never again washing my hand after the Presidential handshake before dinner that evening.

…when I was able to debate and shake-loose my relatives in the Arbogas community (a Republican strong-hold in Des Moines), the Comers community (a mixed bag in Dubuque), and… (S. B. Note: all important vote pockets in Iowa) Ted T. Leung, Iowa

4) …We put my campaign contribution where 80-20 directs. Also we have 2 children, their 2 spouses, 2 grandchildren, 3 nieces, their 3 boy friends. Well, that is 12 voted in California alone….
Steve & Terry Chan, Montville, NJ

5) When I heard Asian Americans have a dismal number of 6 federal judges on the bench when we should have at least 36, I know this ratio is wrong, very wrong. Jim Chen

6) I am absolutely outraged and appalled by the response you gave 80- 20. It says absolutely NOTHING!!!..... Christina Fong

7) …By answering ALL YESES to the 80-20 Questionnaire, you will sway a lot of the undecided vote to your direction…. A working Mom in CA, name withheld by request

8) ….Whatever 80-20 Initiative advocates I practice……
Donald Li, Eagleville, PA

9) ….When it comes to national election, I and many of my networked friends are pledged to vote strictly according to 80-20 direction…..
Dr. Phil Choong, Principle Engineer, Lockheed Martin Space System Company (For ID only)

10) …Otherwise
Gary Jing, PHD, Sr. Mgr at a public trade company

11) I am currently not a 80-20 member but found that the message and value carried by 80-20 are just, worth to pursue, and profoundly American…
David Liu, Asst Prof at PSU Hershey Medical Center

12) …As one who had worked for President Clinton on special task forces, I have seen the disparities first hand…..
Mon S. Yee, San Dimas, CA

Be a part of the new era in Asian Am. politics -- seek accountability from ethnic and non-ethnic politicians. Stand up & sent a fax. Practice politics the American way. Tell Sen. Clinton that she must 
have the courage to stand up for "equal opportunity for Asian Americans." 
Otherwise you'll vote against her. Dial and fax 703-962-8600 now.