Thursday, October 14, 2004

Why Go For Kerry? / Good news

Our "Hope & Fear " are what led us to Kerry.

First, MORE HOPE for winning equal opportunity in workplaces e.g. in getting raises, promotions and rising to the top.

Kerry & Edwards both promised in writing to enforce
Executive Order 11246 for Asian Americans. EO 11246
is a law that has been used to eliminate discrimination
in workplaces for ALL Americans except for Asian Ams.
Bush & Cheney REFUSED to promise.

Second, LESS FEAR of having our civil rights violated, if, God forbid, a war breaks out between the U.S. & an Asian nation, say North Korea.

Even the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (with many Bush
appointees) reported that the Bush administration's civil rights
record was not satisfactory. Visit
Would threats and harassment come to YOU & YOUR FAMILY,
whether you are N. Koreans or not, since our compatriots don't
know the difference between N. Koreans & Asians Americans?
Remember how Sikhs, Arabs and Indian Americans were
threatened & harassed in the post 9/11 atmosphere?
Would a Bush Administration provide as much support for you
as a Kerry Administration?

Will the worst - internment - happen?

Kerry & Edwards condemned in writing Congressman
Howard Coble, Chairman of House Subcommittee on
Homeland Security who publicly justified on 2/3/2003 WWII
internment of Japanese Americans.
Bush & Cheney were SILENT, in the face of a huge
protest from every component of the AsAm community.

THEREFORE, vote for Kerry/Edwards for OUR OWN SAKE.

[Pass the above to your friends & relatives.]
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Good News:
1) Fel Amistad, an 80-20 Board Member, is running for a position on
San Mateo County Board of Education. We wish him luck.

2) Recent addition to war chest:
Alice Huang of CA: $1,000
Xiren and Mandy Cao: $500.
An onymous of Delaware $1,000
S. B. Woo $4,262
Yi Li $100