Monday, October 11, 2004

Media Attention/Help Kerry/Readers' Reaction

Thanks to YOUR GREAT SUPPORT OVER THE YEARS, 80-20's endorsement of Senator Kerry for President (with reservation) was extremely well covered in print, audio and visual media in all Asian American communities.

PRINT MEDIA: To see the multitude of articles thus far, not including all the weekly print media from the Japanese, Korean, Indian, Filipino and Vietnamese media which WILL be carrying news about our endorsement (since phone interview have already occurred), go to

Interviewed by 2 Koran Am. radio stations in LA; ETTV & Phoenix TV reported our endorsement. Phoenix TV, the CNN of China, is international. It described 80-20"an influential Asian Pacific American organization." Two TV stations in Hong Kong are each sending a
TV crew to interview 80-20 leaders and supporters this month. Voice of America interviewed 80-20.


We've constructed a special web page to help get Senator Kerry elected. Please go visit, if you want to help: .

The "reservation" in our endorsement involved diverting resources, which is also a clear message to Senator Kerry & the Democratic Party to do more for the Asian Am. community IN THE FUTURE. That said and done, 80-20 intends to do its best to help Kerry get elected.

Those with ethnic cable TV in CA and ethnic satellite TV in the nation may begin to see 80-20's TV ad urging AsAms to vote for Kerry. To see a similar spot shown in 2000, go to
NOTE: if you use a modem, you need to wait a while for it to load.

We need 103 more members to break last year's record of 2010 members. For your own sake, help 80-20 grow. Any US citizen or permanent resident can be a member , using a credit card, visit (ease to use) or (via Paypal)
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Jing-Li Yu 80-20 special Assistant
P.O. Box 527340 Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the check.
Basic membership is $35; Family (2 voters) is $50, Life Membership is $1,000. Student membership is $15.

[D] Reader Comment on "To Endorse, with reservation"
1) Good choice. I support this decision 100%. Scott
2) Brilliant! 'nuff said. Christina Fong
3) Kerry-Edwards will have my vote. Bush-Cheny MUST go! N. Nguyen
4) Pls. send me your office address. I wish to make a contribution.
Ted Chiao
5) Dear Claire, Pauline, Jason, Mike & ZH :
Enclosed please see the 80/20's endorsement announcement of the US Presidential Candidate. I admire her decision of " Endorsing Sen. Kerry for president with reservation ... Bob
6) You did a great job. Thanks Nelson Mar
7) Jose, Remove the full page Ad on page 16, & replace it with this (80-20) story. This story must be included in this edition, as it is timely to do so, . Johnny Pecayo, (Editor Manila-US Times)
8) I am so impressed with what your organization is doing. I cannot wait to participate in the organization at some point in time.
Debra A. Warren
9) We have recently provided a donation to Kerry for his campaign.
When I received a letter yesterday from Kerry's campaign headquarters for additional donations, I realized that all of us should give as much as we can to "80-20" so that "80-20" will be more powerful and effective. As such, I indicated in the letter that we would give our future donations to "80-20 Initiative for Asian Americans" and Kerry will get support from "80-20 Initiative". We will send a donation check to "80-20" today. Yi Li
10) Dear friends: Following is the background of 80/20 Initiatives' Endorsement of Senator Kerry for the President.
Timothy Chen
11) In about four hours, we registered about 50 voters. William Uy