Thursday, October 28, 2004

Kerry Overtook Bush in the Homestretch

[A] Kerry 0vertook Bush in poll in the Homestretch

The Washington Post and ABC poll, which has always shown Kerry to be further behind Bush than most other polls showed on 10/27 that Kerry has finally overtook Bush by 2 points, although it is still within the statistical uncertainty. Visit

[B} 36 Newspapers Abandoned Bush For Kerry, according to Washington Post.

In addition 9 papers abandoned Bush but didn't endorse Kerry. Bush has won over only 6 papers that backed Gore in 2000. In terms of circulation, the papers that endorsed Kerry beat those of Bush by 17.5 million to 11.5 million. In short, the informed group is abandoning Bush in significant numbers.

[C] AsAms Will Win Regardless Of Who Wins on November 2nd.

80-20 is working hard to help our endorsed candidate, John Kerry, win. However, it is important for us to realized that SO LONG AS WE VOTE AS A BLOC, we'll win on NOVEMBER 2, regardless of who will win the White House.

Politicians & political parties will always court those who can help them win the next election. If we deliver another bloc vote in 2004, on top of the one in 2000, both parties will become believers that the AsAm community is now a bloc voter. That means: the two parties will then earnestly compete to serve our rightful interests!

Vote as a bloc, and our DREAM will come true!

[D] Help 80-20 to help yourself. Join as a member!

Any US citizen or perm. resident can be a member. Using a credit card, visit (easy to use)
or (Paypal)
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to:
Jing-Li Yu 80-20 special Assistant
P.O. Box 527340 Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .
Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the check.

[E] The Importance of AsAm Vote in Battleground States

In these battleground states, the AsAms can provide a victory margin for Kerry of the sizes shown below. If you don't think Kerry is going to win by such a margin in YOUR state, then you know how important YOUR vote is. Remember, Bush won Florida by 537 votes!

State Population % of No. of AsAm The Margin for
In Millions* AsAms* Voters** Kerry if We
Vote 80 to 20#

OH   11.44    1.2%    22,900     13,740

FL 17.02 1.7% 48,300 29,980

PA 12.37 1.8% 37,000 22,000

NJ 8.64 5.7% 81,700 49,000

MI 10.08 1.8% 30,000 18,000

WI 5.47 1.7% 15,000 9,000*

* Data from the Census Bureau. Population is from 2003 estimate.
** Assumes 1 in every 6 is a voter, as is the situation nationally.
# Calculated from (AsAm voters x 0.6)

[F] APA Arts, Entertainment, Literature & Media Stars For Kerry
The pan-ethnic United Coalition of Asian and Pacific Islander
American Independent Arts, Culture and Media Professionals
proclaimed their unequivocal support of John F. Kerry for President.
Created by novelist Stewart David Ikeda and filmmaker Eric Byler,
members include such well-known community stars as Gish Jen, Ravi
Kapoor, Justin Lin, David Henry Hwang, Gene Cajayon, George Takei,
and Chang-rae Lee. Many of its members will be out this week
rallying voters in battleground states. See

Hear SB Woo on Michigan Chinese Voice Radio Program Online –
Sunday Oct. 31, 11 AM. He will be interviewed in Mandarin by
Amy Seetoo on Chinese Voice Radio AM 1480 this Sunday, October 31,
11:00 am to noon, Eastern time. The interview will be simultaneously
broadcast on the web at . (Download "plug-in" from
Internet Explorer to hear.)

Know the total monetary worth of 80-20's conditional endorsement of Kerry?

Ans: $4 to $8 million dollars! That will be the cost of sending 8 pro-Kerry
mails (by Bulk or by first class) to 1.1 million AsAm families and individuals.
That is not to mention money that 80-20 spent on TV and newspaper ads. You know
the impact of pouring this kind of money in support of Kerry in 4 weeks? Let
those who had ignored the Asian Am. community BEWARE!