Thursday, April 08, 2004

A Selection of Faxes Sent To Candidate Bush

Times were that most Asian Americans viewed our elected officials as our "parents" or "superior or powerful people." Many were subservient and timid towards officials. Result? Benign neglect of Asian Americans! That is why E.O. 11246 was enforced for all Americans except for the Asian Americans.

Today, a new generation of Asian Americans have emerged. We correctly view our elected officials as our PUBLIC SERVANTS. We are friendly but business-like with officials. We support those who share our concerns and reject those who don't. Result? We begin to win our equal justice and opportunity.

Read the faxes sent by this new generation of Asian Americans to Candidate Bush. To fight for your rights is what America is all about! We apologize for not being able to quote all the faxes.

1) Mr. President,
I am writing this letter to urge you to answer 80-20's questionnaire regarding the enforcement of Exec. Order 11246 for Asian and Pacific Americans, ... I am a Republican voter however I would not consider voting for your candidacy or donating to "Bush-Cheney 04" unless you answer the questionnaire satisfactorily.
Jason Huang, MD Republican Captain, US Medical Reserve, Complete address provided: ... PA 19104

2) Dear Mr. Bush,
... I understand that as of today you still have not sent in your response ... (to 80-20's questionnaire) ... As an Independent,I believe you will be a poor candidate for the next president ... if you don't even take the time and effort to assure that you take our concerns seriously.
Luke K. T. Lam, Ph. D. President, LKT Laboratories, Inc. Complete address provide: ... MN 55114

3) Dear Candidate Bush,
1. My name is Lung S. Brian Ng My address is: complete address provided: ... CA 94707 2. I am a registered voter of the state of CA.
3. I am the president of Brain Ng Engineering, Inc. 4. I am a supporter of 80-20 PAC. 5. Please answer 80-20's questionnaire. 6. I'll not consider your candidacy, unless you answer the 80-20 questionnaire ... about Exec. Order 11246.

4) Candidate George W. Bush I am a registered Republican in CA. Before I endorse your candidacy, you need to answer ...
My name is Renee Lau. I live at (complete address provided: ... Livermore, CA 94550). I am an Associate Director of Product Marketing at SBC. Renee Lau

5) Dear Candidate George Bush I
have been a Republican supporter for many years, & am a member of 80-20 ... Thank you for your time in completing the questionnaire and looking forward to reviewing your answers shortly.
Charles C. Zhang, CFP, CLU, ChFC Owner Zhang & Associates, Complete address provided: ... MI 49024

6) Dear Candidate George Bush:
Would you please answer 80-20's questionnaire ASAP? I will not consider your candidacy, unless you answer the questionnaire satisfactorily.
Ken Zhou, Computer System Engineer Party affiliation: Independent Complete address provided: ... NJ 07054

7) Dear Candidate Bush,
Please answer 80-20's questionnaire. I will not consider your candidacy, unless you answer the questionnaire satisfactorily.
Helen Chou, A Republican, realtor, Coldwell Banker Gundaker Complete address provided: ... MO 63141

8) Dear Candidate Bush:
... I am an Independent and have been a strong supporter of your administration, but I can't continue my support without your unambiguous YES/YES/YES answer to 80-20's questionnaire.
Best regards,
Kee Lee, PhD Senior Research Scientist Cleveland State University Cleveland, OH 44115
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If you've not done your share yet, whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, we hope that you'll take the time to fax. Politics depends on LARGE numbers. Here is the information.

Fax or call "Bush-Cheney '04"

Fax: (703) 647-2993 or (703) 647-2996 [keep trying till you get thru.]
Phone: (703) 647-2700
1. Please address it to "Candidate George Bush" & ask him to answer 80-20's questionnaire,
2. State that you'll not consider his candidacy, unless he answers the questionnaire satisfactorily,
3. Be sure to include your name, postal address, job title, and your party affiliation, IF you are registered as a Republican or a Decline or an Independent,
4. Copy it to RNC, whose numbers are:
Fax: (202) 863-8820 Phone: (202) 863-8500
5. Kindly please copy in S. B. Woo via Fax: (302) 366-0909.

Thank you.