Monday, April 12, 2004

Is Ignoring Pres. Bush Smart? Email him!

80-20's strategy is, from day one, to " induce the two major political parties to COMPETE to serve AsAms' rightful interests in order to win 80-20's endorsement."

Now that Kerry has agreed to enforce E.O. 11246 if elected our president, PRESS HARD for Bush's agreement too. That way, whosoever wins the next election, we'll win our equal opportunity & see the number of APA executives/ senior partners/ administrators/ managers in all walks of life increase by 3 fold within about 10 years. Visit to see what E.O. 11246 is all about.

Some of you are NOT urging Bush to reply to 80-20s questionnaire, because you hope that Bush will NOT reply so that 80-20 will NOT endorse Bush. Is that smart?

(1) Has Democrat Party been so nice to the APA community? During the 1997 campaign finance scandal, which the New York Times termed the Asiagate, both parties competed to get as far away from us as possible.

(2) George W. Bush's APA appointments are larger in number & more significant in position, including 19 that required Senate confirmation, than Clinton's in 8 years. See:

(3) Are you sure that Bush will NOT be our next president? Is it worth a few minutes of your time to get him to promise enforcing EO 1246 too, if your guess is wrong?

80-20 is working so hard to bring maximum benefit to our community. YOU need to do your share too. So unite and email Bush.

EMAIL "Bush-Cheney '04":

1. Please address it to "Candidate George Bush" & ask him to answer 80-20's questionnaire,

2. State that you'll not consider his candidacy, unless he answers the questionnaire satisfactorily,

3. Be sure to include your name, postal address, job title, and your party affiliation, IF you are registered as a Republican or a Decline or an Independent,

4. Copy it to Ed Gillespie, Chair of RNC, : 5. Kindly please copy in S. B. Woo, .

UNITY is power.