Sunday, October 12, 2003


80-20 stands with civil rights organizations in condemning the
"Ghettopoly" game. This game perpetrates harmful stereotypes against
African Americans, which is not a matter of humor, as the game
creator, David Chang, may suggest.

The game's stated objective is "to become the richest playa through
stealing, cheating and fencing stolen properties." Game pieces include a
cannabis leaf, crack cocaine, and a gun. Properties are not houses and
hotels as is the case in "Monopoly," but crack houses and public
housing projects. The object of the game is to build as many projects
and crack houses as possible while avoiding jail, car jacking, addiction
or death.

The game not only perpetuates massive stereotypes along racial lines, it
insults African American history - particularly Martin Luther King Jr.
and Malcolm X, who are both lambasted with insensitivity. For
example, "Martin Luthor King, Jr.," intentionally misspelled in the
game, is shown scratching his crotch and saying, "I have an itch." The
game also plays on Asian American stereotypes with an Asian brothel
as one of the spaces on the board.

This game is not meant for people to "laugh at themselves," as David
Chang, said. At a price of $32 a game, it can hardly be said to be
targeted at the ghetto demographic. It pokes fun at poverty, at crime,
at black history and at living in city slums.

David Chang immigrated to America from Taiwan when he was 8. His
father owned a Chinese restaurant. He is a graduate of the Univ. of
Rochester, and lives in PA. It is embarrassing that an Asian American,
who probably himself has experienced a lot of stereotypes is now the
creator of a such game perpetrating stereotypes against another
Since he is a member of our community, MAY BE HE'LL
LISTEN TO OUR VIEWS. YOU can reach him via or (866) 760-2135 .

Ghettopoly is sold through Yahoo! You can reach Yahoo's CEO
Terry Semel via 408.731.3300 voice, 408.731.3301 fax.

Sometimes a product that is rejected by decent persons in our society
can be auctioned off for big bucks in eBay, as was the case with the 4
T-shirts sold by Abercrombie & Fitch denigrating Chinese Americans.
We don't want that to happen again. YOU can reach eBay's CEO via or 408-376-6554 -fax.

Times were we had hoped that the other minorities will come to our
aid. Well, the best way to realize that hope is to stand with the
other minorities, when they need our voice and help. YOU will be
doing YOUR children a big favor by acting. COUNTING ON YOU.