Thursday, September 11, 2003

Gov. Dean & 2 Precedents Empowering Our Community

80-20 is proud to report that, thanks to YOU, it has set two
precedents helping to empower the APA community politically
. Both
precedents were established this past weekend at 80-20's Luncheon in
Los Angeles in which Gov. Howard Dean was the keynote speaker.

(1) The Leading Democratic Presidential Candidate Keynoted
An 80-20 Fundraiser.

APAs raising funds for a presidential candidates is common. A
presidential candidates keynoting an APA fundraiser is
news. However, the latter is common in the mainstream
society. Therefore, inducing the same to happen in the APA
community is politically empowering.

(2) Governor Grey Davis of California Requested To Attend The
80-20 VIP Reception

APA organizations requesting the presence of the Governor at their
events is common. The Governor initiating a request to
drop by an APA event is news. To be sure Governor Davis'
request is possibly related to the pending "Recall" election in CA.
Nevertheless, Governor Davis would not have made the request, if
he didn't think that 80-20's event was significant.

Besides setting good political precedents, 80-20's fundraiser was
well attended. 300 plus people packed into a ballroom decorated
with a patriotic theme. Everything was in red, white and blue. A huge
crowd of ethnic and mainstream reporters followed Govs. Dean and
Davis when they arrived at the VIP Reception room. Camera were
flashing, The bright lights of TV cameras lit up half of the room. It
was a big morale booster for 80-20 supporters and it increased our war
chest for the presidential election next year.

Gov. Dean got a standing ovation before and after his speech.
Our supporters appreciated Gov. Dean's outreach to us that set a
wonderful precedent. He gave his usual campaign speech.
Afterwards, while interviewed by an ethnic TV crew he said, "Should I
be someone 80-20 would like to help, I would be very helpful to
80-20 because we would love to have your votes.
" In the next few
months, 80-20 will be seeking the views of all presidential candidates on
key APA issues, including those of the Gov. Dean and President Bush.

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S. B. Woo will be the keynote speaker at the annual banquet of
the Chinese American Forum magazine, CAF, in St. Louis on 9/13.
CAF is a quarterly magazine which addresses issues of concern to
ChAms., including a summary of all 80-20 mass e-mails sent in the
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don't use a computer may find the CAF magazine helpful.