Friday, September 26, 2003

Giving $ to Politicians is NOT Always Good

The campaign season has started. Let's learn a lesson from the
"campaign finance scandal" of 1996, which the NY Times termed "The
Asia Gate."

APAs gave about $4,000,000 to the Democratic Party, and
probably the same or more to GOP. IN RETURN, WE GOT TRASHED.
Let's review the facts:

A] From 1996-98, the image of our entire community was tarnished
for the misdeeds of a few. Our image as the "perpetual foreigners"
whose loyalty to America is questionable was greatly enforced.

B] After the scandal attracted media attention, Democrats &
Republicans competed to distance themselves from ALL Asian
Americans. They took $8 million from us; they should at least have
spoken up and pointed out that the misdeeds were done by about a
dozen corrupt APAs ONLY. Where were our community's fundraising
leaders, when we needed their political connections to get the
politicians to speak on our behalf?

Let's learn the lesson. Before giving generously to political
leaders, ask them what they will do for the APA community in return.
If their answers sound good, ask them to do some of the deeds for us
NOW. Otherwise, most'll simply take your money and forget you.

We still have glass ceilings above us and our children. We still
don't enjoy equal justice if you'll remember the Wen Ho Lee case.
Measure what you have given financially to 80-20 and what it has
done for our community and what you are planning to give to the
presidential candidates and what they have or will do for our

Above all, spread words about "THE FOUR DON'TS" listed below:

DON'T give thousands of dollars just to get a picture with a
presidential candidate. Are we that shallow?
DON'T raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a politician just
because the politician has flattered you. Are we that naive?
DON'T help those APA fundraisers who are always the FIRST to
organize fundraisers for politicians and the LAST to stand up to fight
for our community. Are we that forgetful or dumb or self-centered?
DON'T give illegally !!! This is USA!

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