Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Victory IV

1) Exceeding our Goal -- 7491 signed instead of 6000:

In one month, 7,491 have signed the petition to the Republican
leadership requesting their help to induce Rep. Coble to apologize and
resign as Chair of the Homeland Security Subcomm. We aimed for 6,000
only. Go see it yourself: .

Party affiliations of signers are as seen below. The numbers don't
add up to the 7491, because some signers left party affiliation unfilled.
Independent: 2733; Republican: 869; Democrat: 2349; Others: 971

2) More Heat on Coble:

When Sen. John Edwards, a Dem. presidential candidate, spoke up
against Rep. Coble who is from the same state of North Carolina,
another NC Republican Rep. Richard Burr criticized Sen. Edwards for not
being loyal to a fellow N. Carolinian.

This got Sen. John Kerry, another Dem. president candidate, to work
in another shot at Rep. Coble. Kerry said:
"It's discouraging to see that Richard Burr believes that to be loyal
to North Carolina you have to remain silent about Howard Coble's
indefensible remarks. ... I proudly stand by what I said two weeks ago.
Howard Coble's suggestion that the internment of Japanese
Americans was necessary for our national security takes us backwards
and calls into serious question not just his judgment, but his ability
to serve as Chairman of the newly organized House Subcommittee on
Homeland Security."

3) Republican Leaders Criticized for "Selective Outrage":

Last week, Dem. Rep. Jim Moran made insensitive statements about
the Jewish Ams. He apologized and lost his post as one of the 24
Regional managers of the Dem. House Caucus. Prior to that GOP Leaders
criticized Moran severely. A CNN commentary observed:

"White House spokesman Ari Fleischer called Moran's words
"shocking," while House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, not
surprisingly found Moran's comments "very damaging."

Both Fleischer and DeLay stand accused of selective outrage.
Neither man uttered a critical word about Rep. Howard Coble, R-North
Carolina, who publicly stated recently that the internment of
Japanese Americans during WW II was the appropriate thing to do."

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