Friday, March 07, 2003

Victory III

More battle results !
1) Another Dem. Presidential Candidate Supports Us:
Senator & presidential candidate John Edwards of NC calls for Rep.
Coble's ouster from Homeland Security Subcommittee Chairmanship.
Senator Edwards is from the same state as Rep. Coble. That is
significant. In a press release issued on March 4, 2003, Senator
Edwards said,
"Someone who thinks it was OK for the United States to put
innocent Americans behind barbed wire fences in 1942
should not make decisions about how to protect Americans
in 2003 .... the Republican Party should seriously reconsider
keeping him on as chairman of the House Judiciary
Subcomm. on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security."

2) More than 2,000 Signers in 36 hours! Big Mo!
More than 6,400 signers and more are coming in. The petition site
is NOT going to be closed. Pass the "Third and Final Request" e-mail or to your friends. We'll give time for the
Republican leadership to assess where this momentum will lead to.

3) An Article in Coble's Own District Describes " HEAT":
A March 6 article in Winston-Salem Journal, Coble's own district, was
entitled; "Coble takes more heat on WWII internment." See .

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