Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Learning from Watching Becoming American Pt. I

"With your indulgence, I like to share what I learned from watching
"Becoming American -- I" S.B.

Part I:

People, especially politicians, welcome or reject immigrants
according to their own needs. That's why the Gov. of CA, Leland
Stanford, flip-flopped repeatedly regarding Chinese immigrants. First,
when there was resentment against cheap Chinese labor, he voiced
"yellow peril." When he headed the "Railroad to the East" project, he
employed cheap Chinese railroad workers en masse & honored their
high achievements. When the political wind shifted again, he
voted for the "Chinese Exclusion Act," as a US senator from CA.

"Democracy is the worst form of government until compared with
all others," said Winston Churchill. I agree 100%. Part I, however,
showed an ugly part of democracy. Getting power and votes drove
politicians to advocate the "Chinese Exclusion Act." Ideals and reasons
be damned.

Lesson: All minorities, especially the new immigrants, must find
their own powerful ways to "reward or punish" politicians in order to
balance mass hysteria when it comes, as during the "Chinese Exclusion
Act." Otherwise, our interest will be ignored. To most politicians,
winning the next election is what counts. Past service to America or to a
politician by a group or an individual, personal relations, reasoning, ...,
etc. unfortunately don't count very much.

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