Saturday, February 08, 2003


In times of uncertainty, fear, economic turndown, and/or war,
people in general, politicians in particular, seek to scapegoat.
Minorities are usually the targets. That happened in WWII. Jews
were slaughtered in Germany. Japanese Americans were interned
-- a form of imprisonment, though not comparable to the Holocaust.

Politicians are scapegoating again. Two months ago, Sen. Lott
reminisced segregation. A few days ago, Rep. Howard Coble,
Republican, NC, said that he agreed with the internment of
Japanese Americans.

Coble said, "We were at war. They (Japanese Americans) were an
endangered species. For many of these Japanese Americans, it wasn't
safe for them to be on the street. ... Some probably were intent on
doing harm to us ...."

Truth or a lie? Let's see what a blue-ribbon government
commission** had to say in 1983:

"In sum, Executive Order 9066 (Pres. F.D. Roosevelt's order to
intern) was not justified by military necessity .... The broad
historical causes that shaped these decisions were race
prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership."

In fact, Coble's comment was spurred by a radio show caller, who
pushed for interning Arab Americans. Coble disagreed with that caller
because the U.S. isn't being attacked by "a sovereign nation." The
chilling implication is that he thinks internment may be ok if our
country is being attacked.

Can you be sure that only Arab Americans are in trouble? Could it
one day be Chinese Americans, Korean Ams., Pakistani or Indonesian
Ams. depending on where our nation is having conflicts? Rep. Coble
has power in a critical position. He is the Chairman of the Crime,
Terrorism and Homeland Security Subcommittee.

Mind you, politicians scapegoat AND fly trial balloons. If
YOU sit back & do nothing, who knows what may happen.

80-20 supports Japanese American Citizens League's call for Rep.
Coble to apologize and to resign as the chairman of the Homeland
Security Subcomm. S. B. Woo, President of 80-20, has informed the
Republican leadership that how the Republican party handles this matter
will have a very strong impact on how Asian Americans will vote in the
presidential year of 2004.

80-20 is only as strong as you are! YOU MUST ACT. Fax
(preferred) or e-mail or phone the following leaders.

Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, R, IL:
Fax: (202) 225-0697,, Phone: (202) 225-2976

Rep. Tom Delay, R, TX, 10% of his constituents are APAs, Majority Leader
Fax: (202)225-5117, no e-address available, Phone: (202)225-4000

Andrew Card, Chief of Staff, The White House
Fax: (202) 456-1907

Governor Marc Racicot, MT, Chair of the National Republican Comm.
Fax: 202.863.8820,, Phone: 202.863.8500

An example is shown below. However, please use your own words.

I support 80-20's position asking Rep. Coble to apologize & resign
as the chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee. A
leader like him threatens my sense of security for my family.
It'll affect how I'll vote in 2004.
Name, title, profession
Party, particularly if your are a Republican or an Independent
Postal address

No one who is for internment should be chairing the Homeland Security
Subcommittee. Act today to protect YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN.

"The price for liberty is eternal vigilance." -- Thomas Jefferson.

** Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians,
which investigated whether the internment was based on military