Thursday, February 13, 2003


Both Time and Newsweek quoted Rep. Coble in their latest issue!!!

Newsweek, p.25, "Perspectives":
" 'We were at war. They were an endangered species.'
North Carolina Rep. Howard Coble, on his belief that interning
Japanese-Americans during W.W.II was for their own protection"

Time, p.17, "Verbatim":
" 'Some were intent on doing harm to us, just as some of these
Arab Americans are probably intent on doing harm to us.'
Howard Coble, Republican Congressman from North Carolina
who heads a homeland-security subcommittee, saying he believes
it was not wrong to intern Japanese Americans during W.W. II"

The reports by both magazines were completely neutral. What
does it mean to Asian Pacific Americans?

If NO one writes in to the two magazines to point out the
fallacy of Coble's logic and his mistaken historical facts, Coble has
succeeded in flying his trial balloon. You and I are a giant step closer
to being interned, if our national security were to be threatened by
an Asian nation or nations.

If 10,000 e-mails arrive at those magazines' letters to
editor's inboxes, America will know that the Asian Americans are
politically organized. If enough of the very short, very astute, &
perhaps even humorous e-mails get published by the magazines,
Coble will be a giant step closer to apologizing sincerely and resigning
from the Homeland Security Subcommittee. We will have fulfilled
our generational duty to protect our children AND, in the same
process, have helped make America "a more perfect Union."

Are you up to the challenge? Will you write?

Anyone who gets a letter published by either magazine on that
topic will have his/her name greatly publicized by 80-20. We want to
greatly thank those persons who will have made a BIG, BIG
contribution to the security of all Asian Americans.

Where to send your e-mails?
Send to
1. (subject: Feb 17, Verbatim, p.17, Coble)
2. (subject: Feb 17, Perspectives, p.25, Coble)
Letters should include the writer's full name, address and home
telephone number, title of piece and issue date.

Letters must be very short. Otherwise, they may not even get read,
much less published. Read the kind of letters that did get published to
get your inspiration. Visit:,9171,1101030217-
Please also try to get your non-Asian Am. friends to write.

The gauntlet has been thrown. Will you help meet our mutual
challenge? Send it today. TOGETHER, we shall overcome.

PS New York Times covered 80-20's position regarding Coble yesterday.
See the last two paragraphs of that article:

As soon as our supporters heard our call, they started firiing off responses! You can read some of the letters submitted to Time and Newsweek here.