Friday, September 13, 2002

News on 80-20's Election

Nineteen candidates will be running in 80-20's Oct. election. To view those candidates' names, bios and statements, please visit The 19 are certainly the most willing to serve. They may well be among our best and brightest.

To encourage participation in its election, 80-20 tried hard to encourage female and non-Chinese American candidates. In addition, 80-20 will pose the following header on its web page where voting occurs:

"As you vote, please beware that diversity in ethnic background, gender and geographic distribution in 80-20's leadership will likely make 80-20 stronger. Please also note that 40% of Asian Americans reside in California, and that California is the state where our votes could make the largest impact on the outcome of presidential elections. "

Ms. Ying Yang, a volunteer Web Master residing in Los Angels, has made steady improvement to our web site. Go visit and see it for yourself!

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Is your name on this list?
The following persons have paid membership dues, but have NOT updated their e-mail addresses with us. As a result, they will NOT be able to vote electronically in 80-20's upcoming election.
Please look through the list to see if your name and/or your friends' names are on it. If yes, send the updated e-mail address to Your help will be much appreciated.

Adam, G. and Marie
Chen, Chao W.
Chen, Jerome C. and Elaine I
Cheng, Chai-Yuh and Edmond
Cheung, Mars and Suk C
Friedman, Morton L.
Guo, Shengbei and Tong W.
Hu, John
Lee, Chuan-Shue and Catherine H. W.
Lee, Richard H C
Lee, Yuen F.
Leung, Kenneth and Jane
Li, Wai Chiu Richard  and Wang, Christine
Mah, George
Moy, Dave
Pai, Fei-Lin
Qi, Ming
Shen, Larry Z.  and Wu, Sally L.
Shu, Yonghui
Tatsuguchi, Isamu and Barbara
Tong, Kelvin Wai Shing
Toy, Andrew and Patricia Risoli
Trinh, Thanh
Tsai, Ming-Yea C. and Jim
Tung, Paul P. and Christine Chiang-Ying Mei
Wan, Julia C. and Frederic
Wen, Wu-Wey and Agnes
Wong, David
Wong, Tony
Wong, Walter K. T. and Anna Moy
Yao, Maxwell
Yu, Elaine
Zhang, Barry and Bonnie Liao
Zhou, Wen