Friday, August 30, 2002

A Role Model/ Paul Igasaki

80-20 sponsored a contest for its members to help recruit new members. The winner of the contest would win a round trip, economy airfare ticket to Asia.

Susan Wu of Alabama won the contest with 9 recruits*. When she was offered the ticket, she wanted to donate it back to 80-20. When 80-20 replied and said, "Thanks, but you've earned it!" Susan Wu replied:

"I recruited 80-20 members because I believe it is our duty. I am only doing my part. My donation is from the bottom of my heart and I am sincere about my decision. "

Guess what? Susan Wu is only 70 years young. What a role model!

*If everyone of our 1600 members had done what she did, our membership would have increased to 14,400.

(2) Paul Igasaki -- VICE CHAIR & ACTING CHAIR OF EEOC JACL (Japanese Am. Citizens League) and OCA (Organization of Chinese Ams.) has each passed a resolution urging President Bush to re-appoint Paul Igasaki to the Equal Employment opportunity Commission (EEOC). They also urged APAs to call or e-mail or fax the President. If you agree with the position of our two sister organizations, please ACT TODAY.


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