Thursday, September 19, 2002

Easiest Way to Register

The November election will be here soon. Two types of persons need to
register: (1) those who've never registered, and (2) having registered
but have moved to a new address.
Don't waste your political power. When we VOTE AS A BLOC, every
vote makes our voice louder!

Here is the EASIEST WAY to register to vote! It will be the most
meaningful 10 minutes you'll spend in your life for your offspring.

Step-by-step instructions are given to help NEW IMMIGRANTS & people
who have NEVER registered before. All you need is your computer, a
printer and the adobe Acrobat software. If you don't have that
software, you will be given instructions to download it.

Just GO TO:
(If the letters appear in blue, put your cursor on it and click once.
You'll be on page 1. If the letters have the same color as the text, then
copy and paste them to your browser. Hit return, you'll be on page 1.)

On page 1, you download adobe acrobat, if you don't already
have it. Then go to either the map or the pull-down window to
select your state. Click the "GO" button to go to page 2.

On page 2, fill out the form. Click once on each of the red colored
(see instructions) to help you fill out the correct information. For "Choice
of Party," your choice is Democrat, or Independent or Republican. If you
want to vote in the primary, you must choose either Dem. or Rep. After all
blanks have been filled. Go to the bottom of the page to click on the
"Preview My Voter Registration" to go to another page.

On page 3, you proofread the information, then click "Get My
Application" at the bottom of the page.

On page 4, follow the 4 simple steps and mail out your application form.

Upon receiving your application, your state will mail you a voter registra-
tion card. YOU NEED TO FILL THAT OUT AND MAIL IT IN. Then you are
registered. Note that registering to vote is ALWAYS A TWO-STEP PROCESS.


BE A REGISTERED VOTER!!! Be one for your children's and grand-
children's sake.