Thursday, August 15, 2002

A CHALLENGE to Our Best and Brightest

Will you run for an office in 80-20 in order to serve our community? There will be no pay, lots of work, lots of headache and some out of pocket expenses. That is 80-20's CHALLENGE to our best and brightest.

You may ask, why should I take this challenge? Here are two BIG reasons.

(1) Who gets cussed out the most in America, day after day?

Answer: The President of the USA, no matter who that person is. Statesmen have always known: "It's a privilege to serve. Criticism comes with the turf."

(2) Why would anyone be so masochistic?
It is because the best and brightest are steeled by a value
system, eloquently expressed by Theodore Roosevelt:

"It's not the critic who counts; not he who describes how the mighty had allen; and how the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit goes to he who is actually in the arena; whose faced is marred with dust, sweat and blood; who tries valiantly; and who comes up short, time and again."

Our community needs you. 80-20 needs you.

There is no shame in wanting to serve and not getting elected.

There is only shame in not wanting to serve or not daring to run. Again quoting Theodore Roosevelt:

".. He (the one in the arena) is at least better than those timid souls who know neither defeat nor victory."

Deadline For Declaring YOUR Candidacy:

August 31, 2002!

Please note that candidates must be dues-paying members before
8/1/02. Please submit a bio, a filing fee of $50 which will be
returned to all winning candidates, and a statement of candidacy of
no more than 150 words specifying what office you are seeking to

Professor Chun Wa Wong
3780 Keystone Ave.
Suite 106
Los Angeles,
CA 90034-6363

Write down your e-mail address in the check please.

The following officers will be elected:

President, Vice President (or President- elect), Treasurer, Secretary,
Chair of the Nomination Committee. In addition, at least two more
Board members will be elected.
To be aware of the duties of each office, please visit:

The exact number of Board positions available will be declared
after August 31, when 80-20 knows the number of candidates. There
will be two candidates for each available position. The names of
candidates seeking officers' positions will automatically be entered as a
Board member candidate. That way the best candidates, in one
capacity or another, will be elected to serve 80-20.

Thank you for considering to serve 80-20, and indirectly
ourselves and our children.