Thursday, April 18, 2002

UNITY IS POWER - another example

Asian Pacific American college students and young professionals
e-mailed 80-20 asking it to take action. They were outraged because
Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F), an upscale retailer, put out a new line
of 4 T-shirts with derogatory portrayals of Asians.

80-20 called Michael Jeffries, Chairman and CEO of A&F this morning.
Two hours later, an executive with A&F responded to 80-20 by saying that those $25 T-shirts have been taken off the market.

80-20 wants to THANK all who e-mailed and assisted 80-20 in this matter. It also wants to applaud those who have already communicated their displeasure with A&F directly. Although 80-20 found those T-shirts offensive, it wants to commend Abercrombie & Fitch for its swift action in realizing its insensitivity and pulling the products immediately.

For those who want to know the events leading to this happy ending,
here is a brief description. One of A&F's new T-shirts depicts Asians with slanted eyes and conical hats. The T-shirt, with two Asian men at ``Wong Brothers Laundry Service,'' carries the logo: ``Two Wongs Can Make It White.'' Another T-shirt, called``Buddha Bash'' has a smiling Buddha figure with the logo: ``Get Your Buddha On The Floor.'' [Pictures of the two T-shirts are available at: , if you want to view them. The pictures will be deleted in a week.]

APA youths began e-mailing 80-20 on Wednesday
asking 80-20 to take action. 80-20 investigated the matter and decided
to take action. At 10:50 a.m. this morning (Thursday), 80-20 president
S. B. Woo called A&F Chairman and CEO Michael Jeffries. Mr. Jefferies
was out of his office, so Woo left a message expressing the wish for A&F
to withdraw the products. He also requested a call back. About
two hours later, at 1:12 p.m., Mr. Seth Johnson, an executive with A&F
called back. He said that he was calling on behalf of Mr. Jeffries
who was not in town. He said that the products have been pulled off
the market, emphasizing however that the T-shirts were meant to add humor,
without intending to offend anyone. A&F is issuing a press release
to the Associated Press regarding the withdrawal of the T-shirts.

UNITY IS POWER. Here is but one good
example of many.

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