Friday, April 12, 2002

A New Immigration Bill May Shortchange You

Do you have elderly parents living abroad? If so, you need to pay keen attention to this 80-20 message.

For many working APAs whose parents live abroad, a lengthy visit by their parents every few years is the only viable option for FAMILY UNION.

That option will no longer be available to you in the NEW immigration policy. In the past such a visa was for "a minimum of 6 months." Now it will normally be for 30 days only. See

The proposed new immigration policy aims to deter terrorism. Many are thoughtful provisions. However, some changes may be flawed. Hence, our Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and the Sate Department are requesting public comments on the proposed changes until May 6. To comment on the proposed changes, you need to provide a reference number (INS no. 2176-01), if you are communicating with the INS. There are several ways:

(1) Write in triplicate (one original and two copies) to:
Policy Directives and Instructions Branch,
INS, 425 I Street, N.W., Room 4034,
Washington, D.C., 20536
Attention: Public Comment Clerk, and /or

(2) E-mail to . You may also want to let the relevant officials in the Legislative Division of the Visa Services Section of the State Department know of your concerns by carbon-copying the following two e-mail addresses: and

SAMPLE e-mail/ letter:

Reference: INS Number 2176-01

Dear Director:

My parents are xx and yy years of age. They live in (Korea, India, Vietnam, China, ..). After saving money for x years for their trip to the US, I was hoping that they will be with my family for at least six months. The new policy may cut it down to 30 days.

Please consider the importance of FAMILY UNION as we combat terrorism.
If the norms of family life of many US citizens can be adversely affected because of a flawed provision in our new policy, then the terrorists would have won twice over.


Name Job Title, (optional)
Home Address (optional but strongly advised)

Don't bother composing a great letter. Ultimately, it is the volume of the opposing e-mails/ letters that matters. On the other hand, don't just copy the sample letter, it may carry less weight. Briefly state your own reason.

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