Sunday, March 03, 2002

Victory II

THANKS to you and many APA organizations including 80-20,
we induced the following splendid results . If the APA
community doesn't get satisfaction from the Republican
leadership, 80-20 will be compelled to turn up the pressure a
notch -- all the way to the 2004 presidential election, if

1) Democratic Party and Its Leaders Support Us:

a) Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry stated:
"Howard Coble's suggestion that the internment of Japanese
Americans was necessary for our national security takes us
backwards and calls into serious question not just his judgment,
but his ability to serve as Chairman of the newly organized
House Subcommittee on Homeland Security."

b) The Democratic National Committee's (DNC) press release:
"The DNC has called on North Carolina congressman Howard
Coble to resign his subcommittee chairmanship after remarks
suggesting Japanese Americans were interned during World War
II for their own protection."

c) Senate Minority Leader Tom Dashle, House Minority Leader
Nancy Pelosi followed APA congresspersons Mike Honda, Robert
Matsui and David Wu in asking for COBOL's apology.

2) Republican Groups, NAACP, and SMART Joined Us:

"Dear Mr. Woo: The Republican Arab American congress , and the California congress of Republicans stands behind you in this effort and have sent
letters asking Congressman Coble to apologize for his misguided
comments. Johnny Khamis, President RAAC San Jose "

On 2/15/03 NAACP, the nation's largest Civil Rights org., passed
a resolution supporting APA orgs. calling for Coble's resignation.

SMART, Sikh Mediawatch and Resource Task Force, called for
Coble's apology and explanation.

3) Time Mag. To Publish A Letter from 80-20 Supporter:

At least one letter from 80-20 supporters regarding Coble's
outrageous comments will be published in Times' March 10, 2002
issue. Thank you, Kim-Sau Chung of Chicago.