Friday, March 01, 2002

American outshines Kwan, Slutskaya ...

After the 1998 Winter Olympics figure skating finals, MSNBC
headlined: "American beats out Michelle Kwan."

Offended? Right. The reporter must apologize? Right.
It was an isolated incident that would never occur again? WRONG.

Just a few days ago, an almost IDENTICAL headline appeared. After the
figure skating finals of this year's Olympics, Seattle Times headlined
on February 22:

"Hughes good as gold

American outshines Kwan, Slutskaya in skating surprise"

To be sure, it was likely a subconscious mistake. The editor apologized
publicly the next day.

Don't take such Freudian slips lightly, however.
The perpetual foreigner image of APAs is a major cause for the glass ceiling
above YOU. That is the stuff that places hidden obstacles before
YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN in your daily lives.

80-20 is writing to the president of the American Journalist Association
to respectfully suggest that it organizes a work shop in its next annual
convention to address the "perpetual foreigner" image of APAs among its
members. A copy will be mailed to president of the Asian American
Journalist Assoc., the Publisher of the Seattle Times, and the CEO of MSNBC.

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