Monday, October 05, 2020

Anti-science has SCIENTIFIC consequences


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Being anti-science STILL faces scientific consequences

Let me be clear that we don't wish President Trump ill. We sincerely hope that he and our First Lady will recover soon.

On the other hand, 80-20 will remain truthful to our supporters and call a spade a spade. We like to point out that the infection of President Trump by Covid-19 projects a powerful universal message:

                Being anti-science does not negate the laws of science. 
              Donald Trump’s unfortunate infection by Covid-19 broad- 
              casts a powerful message to the world that even as 
              powerful an individual as the President of the USA, can-
              not defy science by not wearing a mask and getting away
              with it.       not defy science by not wearing a mask
Our President's unfortunate illness may also have 2 positive impacts on our nation and the world:

(1) In the short run, his illness is probably the most effective message for
fellow Americans to take Covid-19 more seriously. It'll get many more
of us to wear a mask and wash our hands frequently. In the long run,
it'll save a huge number of American lives, as no CDC Covid-19 ads
could ever achieve.

(2) Our President has been so blatantly anti-science that he may be inducing
an anti-science attitude in some parts of our nation. Now everyone can see
that being anti-science has SCIENTIFIC CONSEQUENCES. As a result, I
hope that our nation may soon rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. I am not
an expert on this topic, but I've read so many science articles warning of the
extremely severe consequences of a warming global climate.

I want to end by wishing a speedy recovery for the First Family. However,
personal empathy is one thing. National interest is quite another. With only 30 
days left to the election, our "Dump Trump" campaign accelerates! Be sure to 
spread the "Dump Trump" message as far and wide as possible. We are getting 
closer to our goal. See recent poll results from Washington Post.
Take care, friends. Be of good health.

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Asian American Empowerment PAC,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)