Monday, October 26, 2020

A heart-to-heart talk before you vote?

 Dear Fellow AsAms,

   My name is S. B. Woo, former Lt. Governor of DE. Like most people on this e-mail list, you may be a good friend &/or a great supporter whom I had the privilege to know for decades, while others may have been on this list recently. :-)

   For friends, new or old, allow me to begin our conversation this way. For the last 24 years, I have been serving our community as a volunteer, and donated at least $200,000 for our shared destiny. I am not aware of another AsAm ex-politician who has made the same choices.

  With the above track record, I beg the privilege of having a cyberspace heart-to-heart talk with you. Let's talk about whom to vote for to BETTER PROTECT OURSELVES. 

   The reality of America is that we AsAms face a unique problem - Asia is rising, but American political leaders are not comfortable with it yet.

  Remember how Japanese Ams were interned in WWII but not the German or Italian Ams? Remember how severely America bashed Japan in the 1970's to early 80’s when Japan’s economy was catching up with ours?  Witness how America bashes China today, as it shall bash India, if India’s economy tries to surpass that of America. 

  We do NOT NEED to dwell on matters of the STATE.  However, we DO NEED to protect ourselves from possible collateral damage coming from the America's discomfort with a rising Asia. That leads me to the topic of the 2020 election

  There is no doubt in my mind that Biden will be less troublesome to AsAmsthan Trump. My wife worked in Biden’s Senate office for about 6 years. I met and interacted with Biden numerous times. We’ve been to his home many times. We know his family members and political confidants. I am NOT endorsing Biden, because he has NOT promised in writing to 80-20 to help AsAms achieve equal opportunity. But I feel I know Biden enough to strongly recommend to you to "Dump Trump.”

   We AsAms, particularly Chinese Americans, will suffer less under Biden even assuming that the US-China struggle will continue, without abating.  Few individuals are as harsh, crude, heartless and as ready to sacrifice all others for his personal success and glorification as Donald Trump.  

  Trump may also be a strong racist. Remember his “Chinese virus” and “Kung flu”? Remember his rants against Mexicans and people in less developed nations in Africa? 

                    Please pass this email to your friends and relatives. 
                          Dump Trump so that Trump can’t dump YOU
                                   in deep trouble in the next 4 years!
                                       TOGETHER, we shall overcome.

Most sincerely,

S.B. Woo
President, 80-20 AsAm Empowerment PAC 

PS: CA's Prop 16 "Likely to come up short", according to LA Times." Don't relax. Vote NO on Prop 16.