Monday, December 19, 2016

Is 80-20 PAC AsAms' Best Political Tool?
Q:  Gov. Woo, why do you claim that 80-20 PAC is the most powerful political weapon for AsAms?
 A:  Actually, I claim more than that. :-) I claim that 80-20 PAC is by far the most powerful AsAm political weapon available today.  My statement takes our elected and appointed AsAm officials into consideration, as well.  
Q:  That's hard to believe.  Can you explain?

A:   Here is why.  The appointed officials could be un-appointed the next day. So they are not likely to stick their necks out for us.  None of our elected officials has the strong political base (unlike some black House members) who can get re-elected without the support of their respective political parties.  They are not free agents.  To be sure, in many discrimination issues, we need the help of these officials.  For those AsAm officials who really stand with our community, sometimes they are most helpful. However, if and when an earth shaking event affecting AsAm's core interest happens (remember Japanese internment and President-elect Trumps' campaign rhetoric?), only 80-20 has the independence and ability to fight on your behalf.

Q:  OK.  I see it now.  Still, don't the appointed & elected officials have much more human & financial resources at their disposal than 80-20 PAC?

A:  Yes.  However, the resources are NOT free for them to use as they see fit. If a cabinet secretary or a Congressman were to use their resources to save the AsAm community from a crisis, the cabinet secretary would be dismissed and the Congressman would most likely not get re-elected.  Only 80-20 PAC has the legal right and self-interest to devote itself to help out the AsAm community, come hell or high water.
 Q: OK.  I am understanding more now.  However, is 80-20 PAC powerful in an absolute sense?
 A:  No, not on an absolute scale, when compared with others outside of the AsAm community.  80-20 is far far below AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and
NAACP.  AIPAC's annual expenditure was $69 million in 2014.  The NAACP is the darling of the mainstream media, corporations and foundations.   80-20  has mostly only courageous, and perhaps wise, war horses, with fairly good political knowledge.   Better yet, we BEG all AsAm orgs to work together so that our community will be much stronger politically.
COMMENT:  Thank you for being brutally honest, Gov. Woo. You are saying that 80-20 PAC is far from being strong enough on an absolute scale  But when it comes to the CRUNCH time for AsAms, 80-20 PAC is by far the best available today. Additionally, you yearn for a day when all AsAm orgs will work together.
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