Friday, December 09, 2016

A Post Mortem: How AsAms Fared in 2016 Election?

Ask a candidate to help back, BEFORE giving your help

                     A Post Mortem - A National Review
     Did AsAm political groups, whether they supported Dems or GOPs, sufficiently seize the opportunity of the 2016 election to win equal opportunity?   Here is a nationwide review:
                               A. On the Hillary Clinton (HC) side:
(A1)  80-20
       AFTER HC gave written promises to help AsAms achieve many specific goals, 80-20 endorsed her.  80-20 PAC spent time and money to help her fight off Sanders in the Calif. Democratic primary.  80-20 REWARDS politicians who share our rightful concerns.
       In the general election, 80-20 invited HC to call in during our Endorsement Convention and ask for our support,  HC was willing to send a high-ranking surrogate,but not willing to make the call herself.  As a result, 80-20 endorsed HC with reservation only& didn't invest 1 penny to help HC in the last 4.5 months of the election.  
(A2) Non-80-20 groups:
       A few AsAm groups helped HC, including the Congressional Asian Pacific Am Caucus.  To our best knowledge, none asked for nor obtained promises from HC in exchange for their support. 
                              B. On the Donald Trump (DT) side:
(B1) 80-20:  
        80-20 asked DT to answer its questionnaire i.e. to give AsAms written promises.  DT didn't reply.   As a result, 80-20 turned to help HC only.  80-20 PUNISHES politicians who don't share our rightful concerns.
(B2) Non-80-20 groups:
        A few Chinese Am groups, composed mostly of immigrants from China, campaigned aggressively and conspicuously for DT using WeChat and other campaign tactics.   To our best knowledge, none asked for nor obtained promises from DT in exchange for their support.
      May We All Resolve to Ask for Promises from Candidates?
     Why get into politics?  To help America & ourselves!   So, shouldn't we always ask for the candidates to help our community back, before supporting  them?  Helping a presidential candidate without getting the promises back does NOT help us as a community.
       Is the rumor that 90% of Chinese Ams voted for DT true?
     No.  The groups that made such claims couldn't even deliver votes in their own little backyards, much less nationally.  

     The groups aggressively endorsed political candidates using WeChat.  Here is their won-lost record:
1) Besides endorsing DT, they also endorsed 1 Republican Senate and 5 Republican Congressional candidates in CA.  All endorsed candidates lost, except DT.
2)  To be effective at the US Senate and Congressional level would require huge number of votes and money, especially in CA.   So let's look at the won-lost record of their Assembly race endorsements.  Assembly districts are small. 
      From SF to LA, this group endorsed 10 candidates, one D and 9 Rs.  In 9 of those 10 districts, there were 20% to 36% AsAm voters.  Of the 10 endorsed, 2 incumbents, 1 D and 1 R won.  All the rest lost, including 2 incumbent Republicans.
      The group stated that it wanted to prevent the Dems in CA from obtaining a supermajority in the state Senate and Assembly, which didn't exist BEFORE the 2016 election.  However, AFTER the election, the Dems achieved a supermajority in both Senate and Assembly. PLEASE, you be the judge about the validity of that rumor.  
     NY Times' exit polls reported that AsAms gave HC an 65-29 advantage.  80-20 did a huge poll of Chinese Ams that agreed with that report.
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