Sunday, June 05, 2016

Why? What? How?

Inspiring and Informative

   Please see below a link to a 6.5-minute video entitled "Help Asian Americans be kingmakers ... ".  It is informative, inspiring and powerful.  It is narrated by former NBC correspondent and CNN Business News anchorFarland Chang.  

   In addition, you'll be entertained by beautiful music, professional narration, and learn answers to the following important questions:

1. Why must Asian Americans fight for our civil rights?
2. What's the price of doing nothing?
3. How can We induce politicians to fight for our equal opportunity & justice?
4. And how can YOU and all Asian Americans help on June 7th in California's primary election?

   To view, click on the link below:

   Please give us your feedback upon viewing it.  A small distance below the screen, you may see a "like" or "dislike" choice on one of the corners i.e. a thumb up or down icon. Please give us your evaluation, if you can see the icon. If you mistakenly click on "like" or "dislike", you can always click on the desired icon to fix the error. Note that you will be asked to log in using your gmail account as Google owns YouTube.

   Forward the link to your friends!

   A bloc vote for Hillary to establish our clout

Let's prove in 2016, as we did in 2008, that the
candidate endorsed by 80-20 will win the critical CA
Democratic primary. 80-20 needs this kind of political clout 
to win the battles for first class citizenship for you.  
Vote for Hillary on June 7th.

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc. 
WeChat ID:  "AmericanDream8020," 

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