Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Help 80-20 select the best president for AsAms

You Can be Part of this Selection Process

Pivoting to the General Election

     (A) History: 80-20 endorsed Sec. Clinton for the primary season only, which ends tomorrow.
     (B) Future: For the General Election, 80-20 will hold an Endorsement Convention (EC) in accordance with its Bylaws article 7.

About 80-20's EC

Q1:  What does the EC do?
A:    It decides whether to endorse Clinton or Trump.

Q2:  What is EC's decision process?
A:    80-20's  Bylaws article 7.2 states:

      "An endorsement convention, whose Delegates are elected by the membership and are composed of equal portions of Democrats, Independents and Republicans, shall determine which candidate is the more deserving." 

      Note, therefore, that 80-20's endorsement process is 100% non-partisan. Granted that after having endorsed the nominee of a given party, 80-20 becomes partisan to make its endorsement effective.

Q3: Are there written criteria for choosing the best presidential candidate? 
A:   Yes.  Click here to read the second half of Article 7.2.   Why will a convention still be necessary then?  It is because different people may use the same criteria to view the same two presidential nominees and yet come up with very different conclusions.  Hence, we need to have a convention floor for open & friendly discussion (NOT debate) of Delegates' varying views to reach a consensus.

Every Asian Am. Can Be a Delegate to the EC

Q4: What are the qualifications?
A: (1) Must be a PAC dues paying member.  You can join here.
     (2) Must volunteer to be a candidate running for a Delegate position, and satisfying the following additional qualifications specified in Bylaws article 7.3.1 :
         "a. has signed a form declaring his/her willingness to support the presidential candidate endorsed by the Convention regardless of personal party affiliation and preference; 
          b. has declared possible conflict of interest such as holding an official position in a political party, and/or having financial dealings with a political party and/or a presidential candidate; 
          c. has paid membership dues by the date set by the Executive Committee, and 
          d. has declared the willingness to attend the Convention at his/her own expense so long as it is somewhere in the continental United States."                           
     (3) Must win the delegate election, where all PAC members will vote.

Become A PAC Member TODAY

   Basic membership is $35 per year.  Student membership is $15.  If you are a professional, we hope that you'll join as a Professional member, paying $75/yr.  To verify if you are a member in good standing, click here

   To join, click here.  80-20's war chest is badly depleted after campaigning for Hillary during the CA Dem. primary.  Help us build it up again. Thanking you in anticipation,

   S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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