Thursday, May 05, 2016

Vote for B. Sanders in CA primary on June 7th

Vote to Maximize Our Own Interest
A Tactical Decision by 80-20 PAC

   80-20 PAC's Board has voted unanimously to urge AsAms to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders in the remaining Democratic primaries, including the critical CA Dem. OPEN primary on June 7th.

   However, if Sec. Clinton answers our questionnaire satisfactorily, 80-20 will switch to support Clinton so far as the primaries are concerned, since Sen. Sanders has NOT answered our questionnaire either. 

   The above recommendation is designed to seize the golden opportunity available to us, a small and weak minority, during the presidential election.  We must use our precious vote to induce each presidential candidate to help use his/her power, upon being elected, to eliminate systemic discrimination against us.

Reasons for this Decision

   Political Reality: In politics, WE, who are small in % population and powerless, may have to play "spoilers" in order to induce the possible next president to pay attention to us.  Sec. Clinton is balking at answering our questionnaire, i.e. not willing to make promises to AsAms to help us reach equal opportunity.   Bernie Sanders cares more for the 99%.

   Strategy to Force Clinton's Hand: She knows that if AsAms help Sanders win CA, she will most likely NOT have enough declared delegates to be the presumed nominee on June 20 - the last day of primary season.  Super delegates can't vote until 35 days later.  She therefore will have to spend the precious 35 days between June 20 and July 25, the date of the Dem. Nat'l Convention, to bicker with Sanders over super delegates.  She badly needs those days to prepare to fight Trump.

   Why will this strategy work? Future polls will convince her, when YOU do your part.  About 8% of CA's Dems and Declines are AsAms.  Currently a majority of them, when polled, support Clinton.  Once you respond to 80-20's call, you'll vote for Sanders, when polled, Clinton's poll numbers will drop drastically.  Her current lead of 5-pts will change to a loss of at least 5-pts.  

   Advice "to pay needed attention to AsAms" will sink in!  Clinton will make her promises to us in order to win in CA primary.  That is how politics works.

The Clinton Campaign Has Left Us With No Alternative

   This is but the first round in preparing our community to vote for Sanders. We hope that Sec. Clinton will get our message soon.  As time passes, our advocacy to vote for Sen. Sanders will intensify, backed by media ads in CA's AsAm community.

Forward this e-newsletter to Every AsAm in CA

When every AsAm in CA knows of 80-20's recommendation -
vote for Sanders on June 7th;
when most Asian Am votes for Sanders, when polled;
when polls have Clinton losing by at least 5 points;
every AsAm child will benefit, because of you!

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc. 

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