Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Can we eat the cake and have it too?

You Can’t Eat the Cake and Have It Too
Is it possible to eat the cake and have it too?
(1) 98% of AsAm parents want 80-20 to defeat the current "race-preference" college admissions policy for them,

(2) Most AsAms in CA really hope that 80-20 will take the lead to oppose A.B. 1726, and

(3) All AsAms want 80-20 to shatter the glass ceiling against them in workplaces.

Can these same AsAms vote for Bernie Sanders against 80-20's endorsement of Hillary Clinton and yet HOPE that 80-20 has enough clout to achieve Items (1) to (3) for them?

Is that like eating the cake and having it too?  Is that possible in the real world?

Polls-Plus Forecast: 97% Chance Hillary'll Win

"According to our latest Polls-Plus forecast, HILLARY CLINTON HAS A 97% CHANCE of winning the California primary" 

   Congratulating Prof. Chenming Hu's Achievement & Values

Prof. Chenming Hu, a former 80-20 PAC Board member, who is also known as the father of 3-D transistors, which is already manufactured by Intel, was recently awarded the National Medal for Technology and Innovation by President Obama at the White House.  

80-20 is as proud of him in his picture with President Obama as in an earlier picture when he demonstrated before the Supreme Court, where a hearing was held regarding the constitutionality of "race-preference" college admissions policy.

A bloc vote for Hillary to establish our clout

Let's prove in 2016, as we did in 2008, that the candidate
endorsed by 80-20 will win the critical CA Dem. primary.
80-20 needs this kind of political clout to win battles (1)
to (3), shown above, for you.  Vote for Hillary on June 

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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