Saturday, November 08, 2014

We won big. ACCOUNTABILITY established

CONGRATULATIONS!  You and I won BIG by defeating Paul Fong by a larger than 20 point margin in Fong's bid for a council seat in San Jose..  

Q: What exactly did we win?
A:  We won the historic accountability of AsAm elected officials to us.  

In the past, almost all AsAm officials raised their campaign funds primarily from AsAms. However, once elected, some of the them have NOT been responsive to our rightful interests.  This sad situation must be corrected.  Otherwise, AsAms will never get to be equal citizens through the political process.

Q: How do we get AsAm elected officials to be accountable to us?
A:  We drive those bad AsAm officials, who are unfaithful to us, out of politics.  Such actions will please the responsive AsAm officials, while warning the bad ones. Believe me, no elected AsAm official will want to be another Paul Fong.

Q: Are you sure that the mere defeat of Paul Fong will be sufficient to establish such an IMPORTANT and beneficial tradition for the AsAm community?
A:  It is not just the defeat of Paul Fong.  We have already driven a bigger politicians, former Sen. Leland Yee, out of politics earlier.

Q: Really?  Tell me more.
A:  A number of CA elected officials in CA were not attentive to the rightful interests of Asian Ams. in our struggle to stop SCA-5.  Among those, former Sen. Leland Yee and Assemblyman Paul Fong were the worst.  Hence, as soon as SCA-5  was stopped, 80-20 announced to drive these two unfaithful AsAm officials out of politics to set example for others.

On 3/21/14 80-20 announced to punish Yee.  On 3/26/14, Yee's illegal arms-trading news broke.  On 3/27/14, Yee withdrew from his CA Secretary of State race,  Later, he was stripped of his membership in the CA senate.  

80-20 PAC announced to defeat two.  We defeated both!  That is a fact that all AsAm elected officials will pay attention to.

Q: What made you think that 80-20 has caused Fong's defeat?
A:  A good question.  80-20 doesn't claim to be solely responsible for defeating Paul Fong.  The major credit goes to Fong's opponent Chappie Jones. Howeer, 80-20 is certainly an important force in defeating Fong.  Here are 4 evidences:

(1) Chappie Jones stated, after learning of his victory, that "We thought it would be more of a nail-biter." Instead he won by more than 20 points.

(2) The Unions supported Paul Fong and Raul Peralez in the City Council seats' races.  Peralez won handily, while Fong lost badly.

(3) 80-20's last 3 e-newsleters urged CA AsAms to either talk against Fong
or vote against him.  80-20 also bought tens of thirty-second radio ads against Fong, airing them for 9 days prior to the election date.  80-20 also worked with SVCA to recruit volunteers to work for Chappie Jones.

(4) While 80-20 directed the "defeat Fong"  campaign independently of Chappie Jones, as was required by election laws, Chappie is likely aware of 80-20's effort.  He emailed 80-20 President S.B. Woo, to thank him.

80-20 will likely die at the end of 2016, unless it succeeds in raising $1 million per year for 5 years by Oct. 21, 2015 - a war chest to compensate for the retirement of S. B. Woo.  To donate, click here.
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm Political Action Committee, Inc.