Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tempering of Steel OR the Making of 80-20

                  SOME TASKS SEEM EASY FOR 80-20 . . .

1) Getting Abercrombie to withdraw its 4 T-shirts from all its stores, which insulted AsAm sensibilities –  within 3 hours.

2) Getting the Republican National Comm. to pull the "Daisy TV Ad" -- with 1 phone call from 80-20's president.

3) Getting ABC to apologize in writing, signed by high-level executives, for airing the "kill all Chinese" video -- 2.5 days.


(1) Delivering increasingly more powerful BLOC VOTES:

   Before 80-20 was born, few AsAms knew what a bloc vote was, much less building it. Time & money spent? 90% of 80-20's 15 years of labor and $1 million. Many volunteers donated heavily & worked 60 hours a week.

   See how 80-20 painstakingly built a significant AsAm bloc vote, one election at a time:

   When a small minority in the US can deliver a lopsided bloc vote, it begins to win politicians' attention, since such a bloc vote can change the outcome of important elections. That attention translates into political clout.

   The work never stops. We've started the 2nd stage of construction to make YOU politically stronger.

(2) Money talks. We must make our money talk for us.

   Just a bloc vote is NOT enough for a small minority populated mostly by new immigrants. However, the combination of having a big bloc vote and sufficient money will give us a higher level of political effectiveness.

   Note that the renowned Jewish political organization, AIPAC, spent $70 million per year, while 80-20 is struggling to raise $1 million/yr for 5 yrs. That amount will be easy to get, if just 1/200th of the 1,000,000 AsAm families with annual income of $100k/yr will be give $100/yr for 5 years. However, thus far only 474 proud families have donated.

   Hence, we set aside two years to do that job. You might have noticed that we are sending two, instead of one e-newsletter per week. So our volunteers are working even harder than before.

   Will the combination be enough? NO, not yet.

(3) Building a bloc vote that will SWING:

   We may have 5.5% of our nation's population, but we only have 3% of the voters, while many of us don't even bother to vote. So (1) and (2) is still not enough. We need to learn from the Jewish community again – a bloc vote that can SWING to either D or R, compelling our politicians NOT to take us for granted. Much educational work will be required to convince our folks of this pragmatic need.

   We don't have to do it often. Just letting politicians know that we have the will and ability to SWING is often enough.

   CONCLUSIONS: 80-20 works tirelessly to make YOU politically stronger. In addition, when immigrants from Asia win equal status with immigrants from the rest of the world, America becomes "a more perfect Union."

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S. B. Woo, a volunteer since 1998,
President, 80-20 Asian American Educational Foundation, Inc.