Monday, May 13, 2013


                 Will We Be Singled Out During War Time?

   Japanese Americans were SINGLED OUT for concentration camps during WWII, but not the German- and/or Italian- Americans. So might Asian Americans be SINGLED OUT during war time?

   Some claim that Chinese American scientists & engineers have ALREADY BEEN SINGLED OUT and closely scrutinized in their workplaces. 80-20 is monitoring the situation. South Asian Americans were mistakenly SINGLED OUT after 9/11 by some of our compatriots. However, the best way TO AVOID BEING SINGLED OUT is by signing the petition below. It asks our Supreme Court to REPUDIATE the wartime decision that SINGLED OUT Japanese Americans.

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                     PETITION TO THE SUPREME COURT

           We, the undersigned, and our children want to sleep without fear that we can be placed under surveillance, arrest or detention OWING TO RACE, ETHNIC OR RELIGIOUS REASONS during wartime exigencies, which the Korematsu decision represents.

           We, therefore, respectfully request the Supreme Court of the United States to REPUDIATE the Korematsu Decision, commonly viewed by legal scholars as the worst Supreme Court decision, which is still a "good law" i.e. current and still applicable.

           We support the call for "repudiation" by Peter Irons, which has been submitted to each of the nine Justices and endorsed by many legal scholars.

           Two of the three branches of our government, the Legislative and Executive, have already apologized for the Japanese internment act. However, the pinnacle of the Judiciary branch, the Supreme Court, has left that decision on the book.

           Please REPUDIATE the Korematsu decision.

        Names of petitioners

   Remember the 50,000+ "race-neutral college admissions" survey that 80-20 sponsored? Didn't we deliver more than what you hoped for? This is a MORE consequential request. We need at least 100,000 signers to have an impact. If we get 1 million, it may not even matter if the Supreme Court acts. A huge amount of publicity will follow. We will have sent an unmistakable signal to the political establishment. Your dream for security will be reality!

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Respectfully yours,
S. B. Woo,
on behalf of BOTH Boards of the 80-20 Initiative, i.e. PAC & EF

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