Wednesday, May 29, 2013

80-20 effectiveness -- judge confirmed 97-0

   80-20's effectiveness may astound you. Read the following.

   80-20 has LONG advocated an Asian Am. Supreme Court Justice. We are pleased to inform you that this campaign, started in 2006*, has gone exceedingly well, thanks to all of you and Pres. Obama.

   The number of AsAm District Court judges has increase​d​ from 6 in 2006 to 17. The number of AsAm Appeals Court Justices has gone from 0 to 3, including the recent addition of Sri Srinivasan. Will there be an Asian Am. Supreme Court Justice soon?

   Sri Srinivasan, an Indian Am, was confirmed by the Senate in a 97-0 vote to become the Appeals Court judge in the D.C. District, which is a circuit court whose importance is second only to the Supreme Court. That is because it normally rules on many national issues which are NOT challenged to the SC. Sri is often mentioned as a possible Supreme Court candidate when the next vacancy opens.

   When Sri's nomination was blocked by the Republicans, 80-20 invited 4 presidents of the largest Indian Am National orgs. to together write a letter to Sen. Judiciary Comm. Chair Leahy and copied to Sen. Coons of Delaware who was the floor leader for Sri's confirmation. It has a sentence: "If indeed a nominee of Mr. Srinivasan's judicial reputation & temperament is still faced with a filibuster, we urge you and the senate majority leader to advance the 'nuclear option'." To see the letter, click on 

The "nuclear option" refers to changing the Senate rule to stop a filibuster on Judicial nominees.

   Please see how NYT reported the 97-0 vote on Sri and the rage of GOP Senate leader McConnell in the same article:   "Mr. McConnell directed most of his anger at Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, accusing him of trying to jam the nomination through and force a rule change that would limit the minority party's ability to block nominations."

   Read it for yourself to appreciate the effectiveness of 80-20 strategy, click on pritzker.html?hp

   80-20's expectation was that Sen. Leahy would use the letter from us plus other similar ones to induce Sen. McConnell to yield and not filibuster. It has apparently worked. :-) 80-20 does so many things that are so important to the long-term best interests of Asian Ams.

Respectfully yours,
S. B. Woo, a volunteer who will irreversibly RETIRE on 12/31/2016 

President, 80-20 National Asian Am PAC, Inc. 


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