Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Too Smart!

Dear Fellow Asian Americans and Friends,

Our Amicus brief has generated a storm of mainstream media coverage and elevated the plight of AsAm students into a central argument in the main Fisher brief to the Supreme Court

When we launched the College Survey, many were skeptical, wondering aloud on-line:

o "Something that takes just a minute CANNOT be good or effective."
o "It's a joke! Don't waste your time!"
o "Since when does the Supreme Court care about AsAm opinions?"

Many smart people talked themselves and their friends into DOING NOTHING, not a minute to waste for the community, thus make true of a self-fulfilling fallacy that we are voiceless and powerless. We salute the 50,000+ who stepped forward to get their voices heard. They are our heroes regardless of whether they are FOR or AGAINST the 80-20 position!

80-20 poured in thousands hours into the preparation so that you can be effective by spending just a minute.

o Early 2011: Background research and internal deliberation
o Dec 2011: Board vote, survey preparation, AsAm college data compilation
o Feb 2012: Worked with award-winning journalists to put the AsAm data into the national media in an effort to induce the Supreme Court to take up the case
o Mar 2012: Rolled out the historical survey upon the Supreme Court decision, and firmly documented that AsAms prefer race-neutral with a 52:1 ratio to guard against imposters who would claim they represent you to the contrary.
o Mar 2012: Identified experienced constitutional lawyer to not only write our brief but also to incorporate the AsAm plight into the main Fisher brief.
o Apr 2012: Identified Jewish partner to establish the historical perspective on how the harm of discrimination flows from one community to the other without remedial purpose.
o May 2012: Filed the brief, held a press conference in the Nat'l Press Club in D.C. to generate media blitz and launched a campaign in public opinions.

The hardest battle is not in the Court; it is in your heart.

We Asian Americans tend to outsmart ourselves into DOING NOTHING except for our immediate families.

o Through our apathy, we consent our youth to face much higher barrier than others.
o Through our apathy, we consent others to claim we all support "race conscious" policy.
o Through our apathy, we let the lonely voice of 80-20 to wither.

No longer can we afford the apathy and "suffer-in-silence" tendency of the past. To do so is to shirk our personal responsibility and actively lay the groundwork for continued discrimination and harm, and shackle the future for our children.

80-20 is toiling to build up our community through the proven process of political involvement.

Our success or failure is in your hand. Will you support us by paying your membership dues and help spread the words?

The miracle is in your heart!

Please join 80-20 TODAY. Go to
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