Friday, June 01, 2012

Are you with David or Goliath?

Dear Fellow Asian Americans and Friends,

80-20 Filed Supreme Court Brief on May 29th, the plaintiff-side deadline.

The battle is NOT won. We face formidable opponents with unlimited resources. UT Austin paid $977,000 to retain Latham & Watkins LLP, a 2,000-lawyer firm with 31 offices who successfully defended the 2003 Grutter case, which in turn leads to the current  case: Fisher vs. UT Austin. There is no doubt L&W will coordinate dozens of Amicus briefs vigorously defending the current race-
conscious policy, and the briefs will include some AsAm groups who are determined to ensure you and your children would enjoy the status quo for another 20 years.

FIVE AsAm groups have announced they will file Amicus briefs to support the race-conscious policy:

o The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) (Margaret Fung,
o Asian American Institute (AAI),
o Asian American Justice Center (AAJC),
o Asian Law Caucus (ALC), and
o Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC)

We are in an uphill battle like David v. Goliath (the Jewish boy v. the Philistine Giant), only with a twist: Imagining some Jews block David's path, argue that Goliath may well be their best friend. Furthermore, they contend they represent all Jews. Can David still win?

A house divided cannot stand. The Supreme Court may well believe the silent 15 million AsAms largely support the race-conscious policy, as these AsAm groups contend. Many other AsAm groups may join these five before the end of August deadline for the defendant (UT Austin) side.

The burden to fight for the interest of 15 million AsAms cannot rest only on the shoulders of 3000+ dues-paying 80-20 members. We may fail precisely because your silence emboldens these AsAm groups to fight against your interest with impunity. You can make a difference. Join 80-20 Today!

Please join 80-20 TODAY. Go to
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