Thursday, March 22, 2012

PISA Report, “an Absolute Wake-Up Call for America”

Dear Fellow Asian Americans and other Friends,

We are only 2061 people away from the 50,000 minimum survey goal. Will YOU help make it
happen? Urge your spouse, children, parents, friends, colleagues to VOTE NOW. Talk to
your friends outside your ethnic group. This Monday, a Chinese American sent the survey
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Do your part to improve our destiny and Help America! Why?

Why is America Losing Competitiveness?

In the 2009 PISA [1] report, the US secondary school students ranked 30th in math, 23th in
Science and 17th in Reading, behind the majority of the developed nations. The companion
NAEP [1] study found only 6% of US students competent in Advanced Math, as compared
to 28% in Taiwan. The highest ranked US state (Massachusetts) was just 17th in the world
rankings. US Education Secretary Arne Duncan called the data "An Absolute Wake-up
Call for America."

However, the US is also distinguished in several areas: We have the highest level of self-
confidence, based on…well, self-confidence. We believe no standardized test matters and
that everyone is a winner. We may well be the only developed nation who cares about the
skin colors in college admissions.

One day, we would wake up and found the emperor has no cloth. It would be too late. Let's
face it: The crop of US secondary school students is not distinguished in anyway by any
international standard, and we do not want the brightest and the most prepared among those
to enter the best colleges for the sake of "political correctness"? Is America losing
competitiveness? Why bother to ask if we are content with a college admission process that
rewards mediocrity and punishes excellence?

Keep heading down, until you find the United States in the list.

Then take the Survey to challenge the status quo, and fulfill your patriotic duty to our great

We are able to push the fight to the Supreme Court because we do not take grants or financial
interests from either the government or any school. Do you wonder why so many other
organizations are silent on this is 5959 sue when the Asian American opinion is so clear? Will you
help us sustain the fight?

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The 80-20 Collective Leadership


[1] Wikipedia on PISA
The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a worldwide evaluation of
15-year-old school pupils' scholastic performance. The mathematics literacy test asks
students to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems set in various real-world
contexts. The reading test asks students to "construct, extend and reflect on the meaning of
what they have read across a wide range of continuous and non-continuous texts". A
companion program by National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) assess each
individual states in the US and their students competency level against the international competitions. The test director, Andreas Schleicher, said that the results "refute the
commonly held hypothesis that China just produces rote learning" and "Large fractions of
these students demonstrate their ability to extrapolate from what they know and apply their
knowledge very creatively in novel situations."

[2] Official PISA Website,2340,en_32252351_32236159_33688954_1_1_1_1,00.html