Thursday, September 08, 2011

S. B. Woo Commits $30,000 to achieve DOUBLING

650 Basic (1 vote) members got a personal commitment from S. B. Woo that if they'll add $15 to upgrade to Family memberships (2 votes), and if 80-20 still fails to DOUBLE, he'll send each of them $50. That amounts to a personal commitment of $30,000 or more!

As usual, S. B. is always willing to put his own neck on the line for the public good. While he prods all of us to sacrifice for the benefit of the whole, he has ALWAYS led by SACRIFICING more himself.

Below is what he sent to those Basic members. About 200 Basic members have already upgraded, responding to S.B's earlier pleads.

80-20 wants to publicize this commitment so that Asian Ams will know that S. B's commitment is real. 80-20 will hold him to it! We also join S.B. in pleading to the 650 Basic members to upgrade to Family memberships in order to keep 80-20 alive!


Ved Chaudhary, Secretary and
Kathleen To, Treasurer and Past President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear xxx:

This is my 3rd plead for you to do our children & me a BIG favor. It's not because I want to plead. It's because I don't know where else to turn to keep 80-20 - the one and only effective lobby group for Asian Ams - alive!

If 95% of the remaining 650 Basic members, like you, will upgrade with $15 (200 have already done so), 80-20 will only be 400 members short of its DOUBLING goal to combat POLITICAL APATHY. I give you my word of honor that I'll get those remaining 400 members. If I fail in that pledge, I'll send each of you, who will have upgraded owing to my 3rd plead, $50 -- a total commitment of $30,000. 80-20 needs members, not $$$.

If you don't help, 80-20 shall die! That's again my words of honor. See the graph below. The red line has fallen again.

Would you give $15 to upgrade your Basic membership (1 vote) to Family membership (2 votes)? The process is easy. See the footnote. The second member can be your spouse, child, sibling, or any one of your friends.

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo, who has volunteered for 12 years for 80-20 and donated $100K.


Click on . Go the line marked DONATION.
Enter 15.00 & submit. At the next page, enter BOTH the second name & his/her e-mail address, if any, at the COMPANY line, & your OWN name & email address at respective proper lines.
80-20'll take care of the rest.

To send a check of $15, please write the name & e-address of the second person at the back of
your check. Send it to 80-20 PAC 13337 South St. #189 Cerritos, CA 90703. Your $15 will be matched.

An additional inducement for you to upgrade to family membership:
o 1-year membership will be EXTENDED to one year from the date you've added the $15. So it' a good deal. :)
o Multiyear membership will continue after 1 year, although not that of the 2nd person.

- - - - - - - - - - - Forward the above to your friends please - - - - - - - - - - -

Annoucement & Acknowledgement:
Goodwin Liu was confirmed as California's Supreme Court justice unanimously
Tony Zhicong Li & Dr. Lin Huang, Skillman, NJ: $1,500
Henry Sun, LWR, FL: $1,000 Henry Lao, El Monte, CA: $500