Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Real Stories Regarding Keeping 80-20 Alive

o A $10,000 check form Alex New of NY arrived.
I e-mailed him: "Alex, bad news. Your matching fund of $10K is all used up. Pay up pls. :)" Alex replied, "To me, that's the good news. A check sent." Generosity!

o An email moved me to tears.
A good friend who is an Honorary Family Member proudly fulfilled his promise to recruit a member for 80-20. His email states, "xxx and yyy, our dear children, agreed to join 80/20 as members to fulfill my birthday wish last week. . . . Indeed, the torch shall be passed to the next generation." Getting ones' own children to support 80-20 is sometimes the hardest and the most ticklish task!

o An American living in France (Neuilly Sur Seine, zip: 92200) responded. She upgraded from Basic to Family membership. What great support!

o Putting money where the mouth is.
A friend Yin-Long Qiu of Detroit wrote me. He suggested for 80-20 to translate its e-newsletters into various Asian languages including Chinese to expand 80-20's membership base. I replied saying that such is beyond 80-20's ability, considering cost-effectiveness. You know what! I just receive an email from him stating:

"I am talking to my daughter, who is a college sophomore, just joined 80-
20, and is learning Chinese, about translating main points of 80-20
website as her extra-curriculum project. I will be working with her to
check everything in the end. . . . I am also contacting UM As-Am student
organizations, and will try to find students to do similar translations in
Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and other languages. Please be patient, and it
may take a while. Perhaps the Christmas/New Year break will be needed
for them to get the project done." That "can-do" spirit moved me to no end!

o Few things are truly impossible.
Many Asian Ams used to think it impossible for 80-20 to
o go by a "reward and punish" principle in dealing with politicians;
o fight with presidential candidates and yet get their commitments;
o deliver an Asian American bloc vote.

80-20 has proven that such "impossible missions" are possible.

Now is HALVING our community's POLITICAL APATHY or DOUBLING 80-20's
membership impossible? See the graph below. If 130 join 80-20 this week,
the red line will have caught up with the green line . Will you be one?

Any US citizen AND permanent resident may join 80-20. Using a credit card, go to Or send your check to
80-20 PAC 13337 South St. #189 Cerritos, CA 90703. Student $15; Basic $35; Family $50 or Life Member $1,000.


S. B. Woo, A volunteer