Friday, April 01, 2011

80-20's 8th Best Accomplishment - 3rd of a series

YOU be the juror. You decide whether 80-20 shall GROW or DIE.

80-20's 8th Best Accomplishment

If 80-20 didn't exist, how might your life be different?

Our community may still be in America's political no-man's land
-- ignored by both political parties. Not a single full fledged Cabinet
Member instead of TWO under Bush and THREE when Obama took office.

80-20 was established in the late 1990s when both political parties
were competing to distance themselves from Asian Americans, owing to
the campaign finance scandal that New York Times called "The Asia
Gate". The Democratic Party even demanded past tax returns from ALL
its big Asian Am. donors. That demand was likely un-constitutional.
Nevertheless, our civic organizations sat meekly by. 80-20 was born!

80-20 will protect your rights against either political party. Indeed,
80-20 EMPOWERS us with our GPC and its unique knowledge of
American politics.

To understand why a bloc vote is politically so powerful, see end
of this email.

We await
YOUR verdict for 80-20 PAC to
either DOUBLE
or DIE on March 21, 2013.

To join or donate, go or send your check
to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.

Respectfully yours,

A volunteer

Explaining Why Politicians Respect a Bloc Vote So Much

Two candidates run against each other in a political race, which for
simplicity is assumed to have two constituent groups only. One group has
one million votes (8%) and the other has 11 million votes (92%). Candidate
A, a novice, courts the larger group. When the ballots are open, candidate
A wins the larger community by the ratio of 52/48. The margin of
difference is 4%. Since the larger group has 11 millions votes, 4% of 11
million votes provides a winning margin of 440,000 votes to candidate A.
His opponent, candidate B, is a seasoned politician. She courts the smaller
group knowing its ability to deliver a bloc vote in the ratio of 8 to 2, as the
black and Jewish communities can. B wins that community by a ratio of
80 to 20. The difference between 80% and 20% is 60%. 60% of 1 million
votes is 600,000 votes. As a result, candidate B wins the election by
(600,000 - 440,000) or 160,000 votes. Astounding? Does that knowledge
empower you?