Wednesday, April 27, 2011

80-20's 4th Top Accomplishment

If 80-20 didn't exist how might your life be different?

If your friend looks at the above table and concludes, "Therefore,
Democrats will treat AsAms better, owing to our bloc vote in its favor,
although Republicans will treat AsAms worse", THEN he/she is utterly
politically naive
about American democracy.

The reality is very different. Both D & R would treat AsAms MUCH
BETTER once they know that an org. like the 80-20 is fighting for AsAms.
They know that from that point on they'd need to EARN AsAm votes.

Here are the facts: 80-20 was established in 1998. Only 1
AsAm Acting Secretary, historically the first ever, was appointed in the last
days of the Clinton (D) Administration in 2000. Bush (R) won, although
80-20 endorsed his opponent. Nevertheless, Bush appointed 2 full-
fledged Cabinet Secretaries. 8 yrs later, Obama (D), endorsed by 80-20,
won. He appointed 3 Cabinet Secretaries. From 0 to 3, following 80-20's
formation, is it pure coincidence? You be the judge.

More facts: Before 80-20, AsAms were viewed as suckers by both political
parties. We donated generously for a photo with a candidate. The politicians
wondered if AsAms have any social consciousness. AsAms were in no-
man's land. We were ignored by both D & R. We had to be three times
as good to be treated as equals, and we seemed to be proud of it.
We are called the "model minority" while being treated worse than
all others.

80-20, as soon as it was formed, pressed for EQUAL OPPORTUNITY
in workplaces. The Bush Administration, through Labor Secretary Elaine
Chao, said "NO!" When 80-20 finally gave up on Bush's Administration,
it helped D gain leadership from R in both the House and the Senate.
In 2008, 80-20 worked its heart out for Obama in battleground states,
Obama won. The Labor Dept, under Obama, promised in writing, to
give EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to AsAms in workplaces by enforcing E. O.
11246. That'll lift about 2 million Asian Ams to equal citizenship, if
indeed the promise will be kept*.

Decide! Do you need an org. like the 80-20 PAC? If you don't help, 80-
20 PAC will be dissolved on 3/22/2012. 80-20 will love to serve you.
But it needs help!!!!!

To help 80-20 live, join or donate. Go to
or send your check to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.

Respectfully yours,

A volunteer

*Will the promise be kept? 80-20 is not certain yet. It is pressing the
Labor Dept for statistical evidence. Politics is completely pragmatic.
Only a national PAC using the right leverages can accomplish things
for you. All other minorities have their own powerful PACs. The
smallest minority needs a national PAC even more. Are you willing
to pay $35 or $50 for your own national PAC for your children's
sake? BE forever vigilant.