Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How 80-20 Crossed this Inequity Barrier?

For the first time, the US Labor Dept. has agreed in writing to enforce
Executive Order 11246 for Asian Americans. Visit

http://www.80-20initiative.net/news/preselect2008_dol_reply1.asp and

An estimated 3 million Asian Americans will benefit in private
industries, universities, federal and state governments. When successfully
enforced, the number of Asian American managers/administrators will
double in about 10 years.

No meager achievement getting that written commitment! You may recall
that Elaine Chao, an Asian Am. and the Labor Secretary from 2001 to 2008,
refused to enforce that law for Asian Americans.

How did the "crossing of the inequity barrier" come about in 2010?

It was the culmination of 10 years of 80-20's tireless work that includes:

o establishing AsAm. bloc votes,
o inducing the presidential candidates to answer 80-20's questionnaires
with all yeses,
o having a sympathetic listener among the top ranking White House staff,
o getting Hilda Solis as the Labor Secretary whose office enforces E.O. 11246.
a former liberal Congresswoman whose parents were immigrant workers,
whose old congressional District has a large Asian American population,
o getting Patricia Shiu, a Chinese Am. lawyer from SF, to be the Director
of OFCCP, whose office directly enforces E.O. 11246
o getting Elizabeth Kim, a Korean Am. to be the White House liaison
stationed at the Labor Dept.
o getting a promised meeting with Pres. Obama to review results before
his next election.

Are all of the above 80-20's doings? NO! Did 80-20 work like a dog to
induce this general outcome? YES. You should see the dirt, sweat, and tears
on our faces. You should see our tears of joy when the written confirmation
to enforce EO 11246 came in.

Is equal opportunity for Asian Americans guaranteed as a result of the
achievements listed above? NO!!! We must forever be vigilant.

80-20 needs NEW blood and NEW members. Some of us have worked for
as a full-time volunteer for more than 10 years. Will YOU be the NEW member
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Join us as a NEW member now, run for a Board positions. 80-20 doesn't
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Members are
welcome to apply. Step up and volunteer to serve!!! Contact Hilary
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, Immediate Past President, via sbw@udel.edu.

Respectfully yours,
S.B. Woo
A volunteer

80-20 Gratefully Acknowledges more 'Tis The Season" Donations,
totaling about $40K for the year of 2010.

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