Thursday, November 04, 2010

What's achieved in 2010 election?

We are like-minded. We must be honest with each other about what we
have together achieved and failed in the 2010 election.

On the surface, we won some and lost some. 80-20 focused on 4 races.
We won 2 - Sen. Boxer of CA and Sen. Reid of NV. We lost 2- Whitman of
CA and Gov. Strickland of OH.

However, strategically a very different picture emerges.

(1) Strategically, 80-20 for the first time* stepped into state-level
in the critical states of CA and OH. In CA, we have the
largest % of voters, 8%. In OH, a perpetual battleground state in presiden-
tial elections, 80-20 has 4 chapters, one each in the largest cities of OH.

(2) Strategically, 80-20 for the first time ventured into delivering a
SWING bloc vote. Just being able to deliver a bloc vote for Ds
has severe limitations. Can we deliver one for Rs when called for? To
illustrate, blacks have always delivered a huge bloc vote for Ds. But
it can NOT swing. Thus far only the Jewish Am community has the
ability to swing.

(3) Tactically, in spite of breaking into new frontiers, 80-20's CA
Coalition induced Whitman to give us concrete commitments - a first for a
GOP nominees. To top that, Gov. Strickland (D) of OH answered all yeses
to our chapters' questionnaire. It is also important for 80-20 to admit that
it has much to learn tactically in being involved in state level races.

(4) Substantively, 80-20 has demonstrated that it is not a Democratic
It is loyal to the interests of the Asian Ams ONLY.

80-20 has incurred a $25,000 deficit this year owing to election expenses.
Will YOU help? Join 80-20. Every $35 or $50 or $1,000 will help.

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S. B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

* Strategically, 80-20 has advanced from working on a bloc vote in
Presidential election in CA ONLY in 2004; to Congressional races across
the nation in 2006; to engineering a bloc vote in a Presidential primary
in CA in 2007, and to actively campaign for our endorsed candidate
Obama outside of CA in battleground states in the general election in