Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For 80-20 Members only

Dear 80-20 Dues-paying Members:

80-20's Bylaws, similar to the US Constitution, need occasional
amendments to fit the changing needs and times.

The following amendments have been proposed by 80-20's Board. They
will need membership approval to become operative. In addition, YOU, as
a member, are entitled to a minimum of one month's advance notice,
before it is submitted to YOU for a vote.

The 3 amendments are shown below. They deal with "chapter
privileges" and the privileges of the Exec. Director, which 80-20 will soon
hire. 80-20 is tightening the Bylaws languages to offer the most cost-
effective service to the membership and the AsAm community.

The amendments would probably be classified by most people as "house
cleaning amendments"; They intend to improve efficiency without
adversely affecting your rights and privileges.

The original Bylaws are shown below in black, the changes and/or
additions are in red. To see the entire Bylaws, go

[A] Bylaws provision 6.2.1 "Requirement To Be a Chapter" is amended
as follows:

c. elect its officers at least once every two years between November 1
and December 31 and submit the names and addresses of the officers to
National by January 15 of the following year. All names of officers, board
members and members shall be current, updated and posted on chapter’s

d. register as an independent Political Action Committee, if the chapter
intends to endorse political candidates other than federal candidates, and
is required by state laws to do so.

[B] Bylaws provision 5.6 "Executive Director" is amended as:

The Executive Director shall be given a discretionary fund that is (delete
"that is") up to 5% of the annual budget or $10,000 per annum whichever
is the larger, but subject to modifications of the employment contract
which may provide a gradual increase up to $10,000 per annum

Again, the above is just a notice to you that such proposed changes will
ask for your vote after a one month's notice.

The above exercise is the typical practice of a democratic institution. To
empower our community, 80-20 aims to be a model in following
democratic practices. Thank you.

Warmest regards,

S. B. Woo, a volunteer Acting Exec. Director of 80-20 PAC, INC.

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